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Future Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "future".

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VeraFBirkenbihl Vera F. Birkenbihl 2,180 followers
Bio lifelong learning! lernen muß (im wortsinn!) geil werden. seminare (ua didaktik). bücher (ua Stroh...?, 48. aufl.), 2009+ endlich webinare. #vfbb
Location bremen
Web http://birkenbihl-sch...
Other lists:  blogger, blogging, innovation, learning, naturalsciences, rhetoric, science, teaching, technicalnews
jp Joey Primiani 1,388 followers
Bio Hi. My name is Joey. I'm a designer, Googler, CS student, entrepreneur and startup advisor obsessed with creating universe denting things.
Location Silicon Valley/NYC/The Future
Web http://joeyprimiani.c...
Other lists:  art, design, designer, entrepreneur, google, media-production, socialmedia, tech, technology
Roon Aaron Mayzes 694 followers
Bio amnesiac - atheist - foodie - linux-user - music-lover - photographer - progressive - transhumanist - whovian
Location Littleton, CO
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  innovation, science, technology, transhumanism
go_radial Radial Outdoor Media 680 followers
Bio Radial Outdoor Media is a woman-owned, family-run outdoor advertising company founded in 2007.
Location Washington DC, New York
Web http://www.goradial.c...
Other lists:  advertising, brooklyn, dc, digitalmedia, marketing, media, newyork, nyc, washington
DevinFidler Devin Fidler 388 followers
Bio Futurist at the Institute for the Future (IFTF) in Palo Alto
Location Palo Alto, CA
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  economics, futurists, singularity, technology, transhumanism
teresajpotocka Teresa J Potocka 382 followers
Bio futurist @sensethefuture
Location London
Other lists:  communications, innovation, international, strategy, trends
konterkariert Christoph 342 followers
Bio - Trend Spotter - I'm interested in the latest trends, business ideas, new technology, creativity & innovation, future predictions & research - trendscout -
Location Köln, CGN, Cologne - Germany
Web http://konterkariert....
Other lists:  futurist, futurists, innovation, innovations, trend, trends, trendscout, trendspotter, trendwatcher
JPSteggerda Jan-Paul Steggerda 309 followers
Bio Dealercoach @Leolux_NL. Sales, #Klantenbinding, Future of Retail, Positive Thinking, Keep It Stupid & Simple. Het 'Klantgericht' Dagblad (elke dag ca. 17u)
Location Assen
Web http://www.klantenbin...
Other lists:  brands, interieur, klantenbinding, retail, trendwatching, wonen
Algorithmbook #Algorithmbook 49 followers
Bio You can usually find me in one virtual world or another. Author of #Algorithm. Educational Psychology
Location Virtual Worlds
Other lists:  algorithm, authors, books, computer, global, publishers, reviewers, socialmedia, technology
Rightbabywrongn Mike Abel 46 followers
Bio I dispense spiritual intelligence and strategic wisdom. We identify the right name or combination of names from the three names a parent to-be sends us.
Location Durban, South Africa
Web http://www.rightbaby-...
Other lists:  babynames, christening, churches, destiny, naming, newborns, parents, pregnant, rightnames
atotsm A Taste of tsm 20 followers
Bio social web activism: connect, reconnect, share, care, it makes you think, like, wealth, the poor, thoughts, strong ideas, grow, the hope, not alone, one, you, w
Other lists:  activism, creativity, earthships, gardening, green, permaculture, protest, socialmedia, sustainability

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