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Gamedesign Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "gamedesign".

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ponypony Pony Pony 4,770 followers
Bio Lady // Techie // Gamer // tweeting @ video games, mobile apps, cloud computing, global pop culture, AR, crowdsourcing, transmedia & tech in emerging markets
Location so cal

Other lists:  android, casualgames, game, games, gamesindustry, gaming, indiegames, mobile, videogames
gaminghorror Steffen Itterheim 418 followers
Bio Former EA game developer turned Indie. Developing iPhone games. Sharing what i know and learn.
Location Germany
Web http://www.gaminghorr...
Other lists:  freelancer, gamedev, games, ipad, iphone, programming
HoppingFun Lorraine Hopping 363 followers
Bio Author (Bone Detective, 40+ others), multimedia writer, game designer (Mars 2020, NOVA True Science, Top Dog), tweeting about transmedia, publishing, game biz.
Web http://www.hoppingfun...
Other lists:  author, boardgames, editor, gamesindustry, publishing, sci-fi, writer
NervanTalha Nervan Talha 33 followers
Location Chennai, India

Other lists:  abstractart, advertising, animation, branding, creativity, design, game-development, graphics, photography
NerfGames NerfGames 27 followers
Bio We are an independent game development studio operating in Nottingham, UK.
Location Nottingham
Web http://www.nerfgames....
Other lists:  developers, game-development, gamedev, gamesindustry, indie-game-developers, indie-games, xbla, xna
MikaelSaker Mikael Säker 2 followers
Bio Freelance game designer and writer.
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Other lists:  gamesindustry, indiegames, writing
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ElioHoHo (1 on this list)

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