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Gamesindustry Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "gamesindustry".

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ponypony Pony Pony 4,770 followers
Bio Lady // Techie // Gamer // tweeting @ video games, mobile apps, cloud computing, global pop culture, AR, crowdsourcing, transmedia & tech in emerging markets
Location so cal

Other lists:  android, casualgames, game, gamedesign, games, gaming, indiegames, mobile, videogames
geekonomics Nicholas Aaron Khoo 2,269 followers
Bio Singapore geek who works with tech startups and has a blog on CNET Asia
Location Singapore
Web http://www.KhooCapita...
Other lists:  entrepreneur, gamer, gamer-geeks, games, gaming, socialmedia, technology
atheistium Lauren Wainwright 1,592 followers
Bio (*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆ Hi! Blogger, Student & Gamer. I write for
Location London, UK
Other lists:  gaming
KyleOrl Kyle Orland 1,078 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Staff Writer at Crispy Gamer and all around cool guy
Web http://www.kyleorland...
Other lists:  geek, videogames
sidshuman Sid Shuman 583 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Former senior editor of GamePro. Analysis of video games, geek culture, social media, breaking news, and anything else that strikes my fancy.
Location San Francisco
Other lists:  gaming, geek, playstation, socialmedia, videogames, writing, xbox
Proper_Games Proper_Games 532 followers
Bio Game developers with a passion!
Location Dundee
Web http://proper-games.c...
RAMRaiderBlog RAM Raider 437 followers
Bio An anonymous games journalist looking from the inside out, wondering why all the joy has been replaced by bollocks...
Location Perched upon Satan's nipple
HoppingFun Lorraine Hopping 363 followers
Bio Author (Bone Detective, 40+ others), multimedia writer, game designer (Mars 2020, NOVA True Science, Top Dog), tweeting about transmedia, publishing, game biz.
Web http://www.hoppingfun...
Other lists:  author, boardgames, editor, gamedesign, publishing, sci-fi, writer
OGP_Insider OGPlanet Insider 321 followers
TheKartelMob The Kartel 300 followers
Bio A social network for gamers and entertainment enthusiasts! The only site that gives you FREE gaming swag for blogging, commenting, and forum posting!
Location Redwood City, California
Other lists:  gamer, gamer-geeks, games, gaming, geek, nintendo, nintendo-wii, videogames, xbox
cooney_center Joan Ganz Cooney Ctr 264 followers
Bio Advancing Children's Learning in a Digital Age
Location Sesame Workshop
Web http://www.joanganzco...
ScottBarkman ScottBarkman 252 followers
Bio Lead Programmer @ The
Location Edmonton
The_B Ben Borthwick 227 followers
Bio A man, interested in games and games writing, whom also frequently attempts to be a gaming writer/journalist.
Location In print & the Internets.
Web http://www.doubleyout...
ChaosSmurf Ben Barrett 223 followers
Bio A games journalist. Yes, another one.
Location South West Scotland
KaRmAChAnG Colin Chang 208 followers (4 on this list)
Bio I'm a simple person who makes video games (tries to anyway). QA Tester for Traveller's Tales.
Location iPhone: 57.501255,-1.809139
Web http://www.colinchang...
Prezzer Prezzer 197 followers
Bio Hi, I'm Paul Presley. You may remember me from such magazines as PC Zone, The One, EQuinox and Gardner's World (letters page - April 1997).
Location London, UK
Web http://www.mmmpublish...
Stoned3D Stoned 3D 196 followers
Bio Stoned 3D is a fast paced #iPhone arcade game created by 3Dgrafix.
Location Germany
Other lists:  games, indie-game-developers, indiegames, iphone, iphoneapps, iphonedev, iphonegames, mobile, promotional-codes
peenydeeny Eve Penford-Dennis 169 followers
Bio Too orangey for crows.
Location Melbourne, Australia
Web http://www.freeplay.n...
Other lists:  art, casualgames, design, game-development, gamedev
a1223production Joe Spradley 123 followers
Bio Iterative Interactive Innovation @12:23 -- Past EA and Disney intern; recent USC IMD graduate. I produce mobile games and design networked interfaces.
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://www.1223produc...
Other lists:  entrepreneur, food, gadgets, gtd, indiegames, innovation, interactive, mobile, music
CountPixel CountPixel 120 followers
Bio The life and loves of a gaming Count


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