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Global-warming Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "global-warming".

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QtipTheAbstract QTip 100,229 followers
Bio kamaal the abstract,CHANGE DA CLIMATE!!!
Location ubiquitous
Other lists:  celebrity, green!, music
molfamily Michael O'Loughlin 64,624 followers
Bio We produce the Pacific Northwest's largest sustainable lifestyle festival - Energy Trust Better Living Show. We do Green Events #2010BLS
Location Portland, Oregon
Web http://www.betterlivi...
Other lists:  conferences-events, earth-friendly, environmentalist, green, green-events, organic, portland, solar, sustainable
operationcarbon 36,801 followers
Bio Engaging, educating and empowering individual accountabilty in the wake of global climate change. ☆Tracking all things green☆
Web http://www.operationc...
Other lists:  eco, environment, green!
TreeBanker Dan Tefft 27,994 followers (1 on this list)
Bio CEO of TreeBanking, LLC Forestry Carbon Project Developer and Tweeter about Carbon Credits and the TRILLION $$$ Business of Climate Change Solutions
Location Denver, Colorado
Web http://www.treebankin...
Other lists:  forestry
economycrazy Mr Economy 27,800 followers
Bio Times, they are a changing! Words from Dylan, so apt for the economic climate today. Bringing you compelling and thought provoking worldwide economic analysis.
Location Everywhere theres economy
applemacbookpro adamjones 20,941 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I love online social Media, human rights & liberties, Google delights, green stuff & environmental concern + meeting real people ON/OFF line
Location London
Web http://macbookismydre...
Other lists:  environmentalist
climatedebate Climate Changer 19,021 followers
Bio Featuring both sides of the global warming / climate change debate, but one desired outcome: protect our planet. Indecision is soon going to get very hot.
Location Everywhere
RealClimate Real Climate 18,566 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Eco Preservation Society: No Politics, No Propaganda, No Bull: Real Climate Science from Real Scientists
Web http://www.realclimat...
WWF_Climate WWF_Climate 15,176 followers
Bio WWF Climate Change Team at the frontlines. Saving us and the planet one tweet at a time!
Location Global
Other lists:  climatechange, green, nonprofit
ClimateProject The Climate Project 13,378 followers (1 on this list)
Bio TCP is an international programme that aims to educate and challenge citizens and governments into action against the growing crisis of global warming.
Location Earth
Web http://theclimateproj...
Other lists:  green
Climate_Bill Global Warming 12,367 followers
Bio Stop global warming.
Location Washington D.C. - Planet Earth
zoleek zoleek 10,973 followers (1 on this list)
Bio A programmer working on a web platform to kickstart the biggest movement in history to combat climate change, show your support follow me!
Location London

Other lists:  history
joelrunner Joel McDonald 10,337 followers
Bio Guru, Shmuru... I'm just a guy who likes striking up random conversations with interesting people. I help Realtors get more business for a living.
Location Castle Rock, Colorado
Web http://joelm.automate...
Dothegreenthing Green Thing 8,817 followers
Bio Creativity Vs. Climate Change. Seven inspiring things you can do to lead a greener life. Join people from 202 countries making a difference.
Location London
Web http://www.dothegreen...
Other lists:  green, inspiration
greenpeaceuk Greenpeace UK 8,797 followers
Bio Climate, forests and oceans news, GP campaign tidbits, and live coverage of our actions. from ^ch christian, ^jw jamie ^jc joss and ^tf tracy.
Location UK
Web http://www.greenpeace...
globalwarming Global Warming 8,512 followers
Bio Global warming, climate change and environment news. See also @greennews and @science
Web http://www.sciencenew...
greenforall Green For All 8,130 followers
Location Everywhere
Web http://greenforall.or...
Other lists:  eco-friendly, eco-friendly-homes, renewable-energy, social-activism
TheEcoist Peter Kobel 5,191 followers (9 on this list)
Bio Advocate for economic and environmental justice.
Location Brooklyn, NY
Web http://www.peterkobel...
Other lists:  eco, environment, green, wildlife, writing
pdjmoo pdjmoo 1,344 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Embracing human health, social, economic and environmental issues as one interconnected organism.
Location USA and Global
Web http://thenaturaleye....
Other lists:  ecofriendly, environment, green
Adael01 Adael ✔ 505 followers
Bio Follow Together we can protect what matters most our planet how can you help protect it? Click this web
Location EUU
Web http://usa-thinkgreen...
Other lists:  air-pollution, carbon-dioxide, climate-change, global-effects, greenhouse-effect, human-nature, natural-resources, planet-earth, recycling


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