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Grammar Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "grammar".

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FakeAPStylebook Fake AP Stylebook 28,301 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Style tips for proper writing. contact: fakeapstylebook at gmail dot com
GrammarGirl Mignon Fogarty 23,321 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I wrote a NYT bestseller about grammar and founded the QDT podcasting network.
Location Reno, NV
Other lists:  author, education, podcasting, speaker
thatwhichmatter ThatWhichMatter 7,220 followers
Bio To honor the that/which distinction, and all grammar that which matters.
Location Brooklyn, New York
Web http://thatwhichmatte...
faydra_deon Faydra Fields 6,060 followers
Bio Army Chaplain Candidate; Computer Applications Trainer; Website Designer; WordPress/Joomla! Customizer; Grammar Queen; Used/Out-of-Print Online Bookstore Owner
Location Virginia
Other lists:  chaplain
ESedlockGrammer Elizabeth Sedlock 5,339 followers
Bio Mother of five, freelance PR and marketing, boring otherwise. Weird problems with grammar and spelling mistakes.
Web http://www.everclearr...
damnredhead Stacy Lukasavitz 3,467 followers
Bio Interactive Mktg Coordinator for Detroit Chamber & Principal of solo consultancy TDR Communications - SM & PR w/o B.S. I love Detroit, NPR, coffee & Muppets
Location Detroit, MI
Web http://www.thatdamnre...
Other lists:  boy-scouts, chambers-of-commerce, scouting
lovefabillar Love Fabillar 2,347 followers
Bio I feel pretty, oh so pretty ♥
Location Philippines
DailyEngHelp Tom Guadagno 2,237 followers
Bio English Teacher MS, Grammar,Vocabulary Nerd, Proofreader,Wellness and Nutrition, Artist, Poet, Memoir and Inspirational Writer,Optimist, Married
Location NYC
Web http://tomsdailyengli...
Other lists:  educator, proofreaders, vocabulary
writing_tips Daily Writing Tips 1,989 followers
Bio Improve your writing. Grammar, spelling, punctuation and general writing tips.
Web http://www.dailywriti...
YourDictionary Your Dictionary 1,973 followers
Bio features 2,500+ dictionaries (in 300+ languages), grammar articles, study guides, word games and ESL resources.
Location United States
Web http://www.yourdictio...
Other lists:  dictionary, esl, spelling, wordoftheday, writing
GrammarBlog GrammarBlog 1,350 followers
Bio Mocking poor grammar since 2007
Location UK
Web http://www.grammarblo...
LindaJMartin Indie Travel Podcast 1,155 followers
Bio Full-time traveller, chocolate lover and grammar pedant..
Location New Zealand
Web http://indietravelpod...
emilylewis Emily Lewis 1,102 followers
Bio X/HTML and CSS Wiz• Microformats Devotee • Standardista • Usability and Accessibility Advocate • Grammar and Punctuation Freak • Web Geek • Profanity Enthusiast
Location Albuquerque, NM
Web http://www.ablognotli...
myloveisaudio Carl Randolph 1,085 followers
Bio I do music, so yeh
Location Memphis, TN
Web http://www.neglecteds...
kimproper Kim G. 1,072 followers
Bio Literary dabbler. Foible cataloguer. Jolly skeptic. Grammar nazi. Coffee gourmand. Zooey Deschanel wanna-be. Urbanite, hard.
Location Cambridge, MA
Web http://wanderlustor.w...
Other lists:  humor
novelwhore Lydia Hirt 1,022 followers
Bio Book-Slut, Grammar Enthusiast, Imbiber of Culture, Marketing Coordinator at Penguin, compulsive READER
Location NYC
Web http://www.novelwhore...
daisyfairbanks daisyfairbanks 903 followers
Bio vintage fashion collector, resale store owner, fashion blogger, single mom, grammar police officer, voracious reader, keeper of secrets
Location Santa Cruz, CA
Web http://daisyfairbanks...
meggytron Megs 356 followers
Bio MacGyver is my roommate. He's a pretty cool cat.
Location Los Angeles
Other lists:  blogging, cats, chuck, losangeles, music, psych, supernatural, tv
Tech_Editor Poppy Quintal 69 followers
Bio Technical editor, writer and trainer interested in language, grammar (descriptive, NOT prescriptive), aerospace, and Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100)
Location Montreal
Other lists:  aerospace, documentation, editing, plainlanguage, technical_editing, technical_writing, writing
OpenSarcasm Open Sarcasm 36 followers
Bio Sarcasm for the people.
Location Brooklyn, NY
Web http://opensarcasm.or...
Other lists:  communism, freedom, humor, opensource, punctuation, revolution, sarcasm, typography, writing


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