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------------------------ !!! BE THE CHANGE !!! ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ Are you a change agent? Want to discover what it's like to make the world a better place? Then, this is the place for you. Being the change requires that we embody change itself. To do this, each of us must surround ourselves with a community of others that can provide us with encouragement and supportive feedback. To Become The Change: * Know WHY you want change. * Understand WHAT it means for that change to happen. * Time WHEN the change can best occur. * Find WHO you want to ally with. * Consider WHERE the change can best serve. * Practice HOW the change needs to emerge. Paradise is real. Let's discover it and create the change that is needed to get there. But we must do it together. Paradise, here we come! ------------------------ !!! BE THE CHANGE !!! ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------

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