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    klowcrafts Founder


    We are a group of artisans united by the bond of home education. SHE is a family-oriented team. Shops must meet team requirements in addition to Etsy rules, especially in regard to mature content and prohibited items.

    Items in your shop (and linked from your shop) must be family friendly. We will not consider anything with adult content, profanity, the occult, mysticism, or nudity. They would not be considered family friendly. SHE is a "G"-rated team.

    If you are schooling at home, have recently schooled at home, or working towards schooling at home( starting in 6 months or less) and your items fit with our target audience and community as a whole, you are welcome on our team.

    We come from a variety of backgrounds, locations and faiths. The purpose of SHEteam is to provide support and promotion of our Etsy shops, not to promote a particular religion, political view or philosophy.

    If you are looking for items from SHE on Etsy please search in tags by typing "sheteam" in the search box.

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