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__________________________ ___ ...on a joυrney to dιѕcover __ The Human Potential. A place to network, share and discover our limitless potential... for the Planet, for Ourselves and for Each Other @ourPotential follows and re-tweets from this page _________________________ __________ Tweet _________ Updates posted from here will automatically include 'keywords' with the # (Hashtag) to your tweet. For a tweet to show on this page, and all of The Human Potential pages, post to twitter from anywhere; just add any of the keywords with or without the: # (Hashtag). __________________________ ____________ Tip __________ * When tweeting from HERE twibes will include 'Keywords' as the remaining 140 Characters. You could ADD 'points'...... to the end of the tweet to block that default. * To add your tweet to this community and to the twitter tag search add the: # (Hashtag) see about Hashtags: * Grab the widget below and include These tweets to your site, MYpage and/or MYshop. __________________________ _________ Keywords _______ eco green potential consciousness affirmation oneness spirituality __________________________ This is a place to share and discover... __________________________ ________ Please Visit: _______ __________________________ __________ Follow __________ The Human Potential Twibe twitter list: __________________________

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