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Gymnastics Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "gymnastics".

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buckhollywood Michael Buckley 236,000 followers
Bio What the Buck?! -Stay at home full time YouTuber! Love Twitter, BlogTV, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, My 4 dogs, and adrenaline! Dreams came true- just enjoying!
Location Your Computer!
Other lists:  celebrity, dogs, entertainment, pets
NLiukin Nastia Liukin 18,574 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I'm Nastia. I am a gymnast & represented Team USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games!
Location Dallas, TX
Web http://www.nastialiuk...
Other lists:  athlete, sports
Cori_Rizzo Cori_Rizzo 16,909 followers
Bio Computer test engineer, Network Marketing, Women's Gymnastics Judge, Beachbody, LiveStrong!
Location Austin, TX
Web http://www.coririzzo....
Other lists:  entrepeneur, judges
Patrick_Barrett Patrick Barrett 9,666 followers
Bio rock climbing gymnastics bodyweight exercise fruit raw food (raw meat!) butter libertarian conservative freedom tree climbing writing reading family friends
Location Gainesville, Florida
Web http://www.PatrickMBa...
Other lists:  fitness, fruits, libertarian, meat
Dmoceanu Dominique Moceanu 9,376 followers
Bio Mother of two, Wife, Author, Sister, Olympic Champion, Gymnastics Clinician, Choreographer, Mentor, & Businesswoman. Yes, this is the real Dominique Moceanu!
Web http://www.dominique-...
hammyhavoc Hammy Havoc 6,163 followers
Bio Acclaimed insomniac cypherpunk, vocalist for Hordasken and producer, clothing designer and software developer. 6'3 tall, 8.7 stone.
Location Liverpool, United Kingdom
CarlyPatterson Carly Patterson 4,659 followers
Bio Olympic gold medal gymnast Carly Patterson is now an aspiring singer with a new album “Back to the Beginning” coming out on August 25th!
Location Texas
Web http://www.carlypatte...
AngEngland AngEngland 4,489 followers
Bio Stay-at-home-mom, freelance writer, massage therapist, doula, childbirth classes, gardener - Founder of Untrained Housewife
Location Atoka, Oklahoma
Web http://untrainedhouse...
Other lists:  birth, blogger, doula, editor, freelancewriter, gardener, socialmedia, wordpress, writer
USA_Gymnastics USA Gymnastics 2,813 followers (1 on this list)
Bio The U.S. National Governing Body of Gymnastics. Begin Here. Go Anywhere with Sam, USA-Gym Manager of Media Relations
Location Indianapolis, Ind.
Web http://www.usa-gymnas...
BodyProud BodyProud Phenomenon 2,723 followers
Bio Your body, your machine. Cherish it, nourish it, improve its flexibility, posture, strength. Healthy body, healthy mind. Love Your Body! Be Body Proud!
Location I AM BODY PROUD - Worldwide
Web http://www.BodyProud....
Other lists:  fitness, pilates
InsideGym Inside Gymnastics 2,326 followers
Bio Your all-access pass to the world of gymnastics
Location Atlanta, Ga.
Web http://insidegymnasti...
MobiMom Wendy Toone 2,090 followers
Bio Mom, MobiStories communicator gal, voiceover artist, dancer/gymnastics coach; I don't want to be when I grow up - I want to do!
Location New Hope, PA
Web http://www.mobistorie...
Other lists:  reading
Web http://www.glittersta...
WhatTheBuckShow Michael Buckley 1,524 followers
Bio What the Buck?! -Stay at home full time YouTuber! Love Twitter, BlogTV, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, My 4 dogs, and adrenaline! Dreams came true- just enjoying!
Location Your Computer!
DivaChampion Dee Foster Theriault 1,304 followers
Bio Maverick champion gymnast/writer/consultant who insists on: ease; sharing abundance; God; family; friends; animals; UofAlabama and Dallas Cowboys championships.
Location ÜT: 33.778338,-118.38849
Web http://www.PerfectTen...
halraur Acecia Boeckmann 1,269 followers
Bio I am married and a mom to 3 girls who all go to gymnastics so I have lots of running to do=). I work from home for the most AMAZING company~ Ameriplan~.
Location new york in the sticks
Web http://www.freelifeno...
KimZB0217 Kim Zmeskal Burdette 1,055 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Mommy, Wife, Coach & did a little gymnastics along the way!
Web http://www.texasprime...
starchycarb123 Dawn Perucca 1,048 followers
Bio Wife, Mother of one 3 year old girl, was a gymnast and runner, helping others learn how to be physically fit.
Location Chicago Suburbs, IL USA
Web http://starchycarb123...
Rajnastics Raj Bhavsar 926 followers
Bio Olympic Gymnast and Entrepreneur
Location Houston, TX
daniecetracey Danieceee ♥ 881 followers
Bio I'm a reality show junkie, especially addicted to dance shows. Sytycd is love ♥ and Dwts is second. I do ballet and gymnastics and I tweet a lot. Talk to me :)
Location Caribbean


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