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Humanitarian Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "humanitarian".

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BritishRedCross British Red Cross 4,776 followers
Bio The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.
Location London, England
Web http://www.redcross.o...
Other lists:  charity, nonprofit, redcross, volunteer
paulrance59 Paul Rance 1,165 followers
Bio Writer, poet, artist, musician, publisher, animal rightist, humanitarian, eco warrior
Location Whaplode Drove
Web http://www.booksmusic...
Other lists:  animalwelfare, books, films, green, music, scifi, vegetarian
Bio Raising Global Public Awareness and Educating on Tourette Syndrome. Tourette Syndrome graces individuals with amazing gifts and talents to celebrate.
Location Global
Other lists:  advocates-for-tourette-syndrome, awareness, tic-disorders, tourette, tourette-awareness, tourette-syndrome, tourette-syndrome-association, tourettes
thorneash ASH 791 followers
Bio Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams. Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before. ~Phantom
Other lists:  acting, art, celebrity, food, french, modeling, music, russian, socialmedia
plasticmadness Olivia Lovag 769 followers
Bio Physician. Loves cats, animals, music, cinema, photographs, web, atheism, skepticism, medicine, politics,...stuff!
Location Porto Alegre - Brazil
Other lists:  animals, atheism, cats, doctor, healthcare, medicine, science
here4cause Radiance 473 followers
Bio Using the awesome power of social media and viral campaigning to make a difference in this world. Lets work together to make the Earth a better place for all.
Location Sydney
Other lists:  cause, eco, entrpreneur, green, socialmedia, spiritual
BCCARC BCCARC 240 followers
Bio Blount County Chapter American Red Cross
Location Maryville, TN
Other lists:  charities, disaster, health, military, nonprofit, preparedness, redcross, response, safety
invisibleashes Ash 215 followers
Bio Find beauty where ever you can in such an ugly world ;)

Other lists:  acting, art, celebrity, food, french, italian, modeling, music, russian
rosecassandra Cassandra Rose 205 followers
Bio Photographer
Location New York, NY
Web http://rosecassandra....
Other lists:  artists, blogger, brooklyn, music, newyork, photographer, photography, traveler, writer
ClearWaterInt ClearWaterInitiative 171 followers
Bio ClearWater Initiative is a non-governmental charitable organization that strives to provide clean, potable water solutions to populations in need.
Location NY, CT, Northern Uganda
Web http://clearwaterinit...
Other lists:  africa, causes, charities, charity, development, globalhealth, humanrights, nonprofit, water
Bintou911 Bintou Julius Bintu 88 followers
Bio Let's #GoGreen For Mother Nature. Speak Less, Plant More Trees. Save #SUDAN & bring Justice to #Darfur. #HelpSomalia!!!
Location Bintouville, #Earth
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  africain, afropolitan-groups, francophone, media, mentionme, professionals, sudaland, tweetworld, twitterfriends
RaptimTravel Raptim Travel 56 followers
Bio Serving Those Who Serve the World.
Location Lewiston, NY
Web http://www.raptimusa....
Other lists:  missionary, religious, travel
stevenbuckley Steven Buckley 32 followers
Bio Head of IIC for Christian Aid
Location London
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  charity, nonprofit, volunteer
EDAIRB Claude Briade 32 followers
Bio Award 2010 Communication manager of the year in Luxembourg. Head of Communication & Fundraising #MSF.
Location Luxembourg

Other lists:  communication, cooking, fundraising, marketing, news, reading, sailing, socialmedia, travel
GirlsWhoRockNY Girls Who Rock 2 followers
Bio None
Location None

Other lists:  charity, education, fundraiser, girls, innovation, non-profit, socent, socialmedia, technology
BurmaMatters TIMOTHY S HEINEMANN 1 followers
Bio Burma First. Non-profit org helps oppressed people of Burma. Tim Heinemann,,
Location Thailand and S. California
Web http://www.worldwide-...
Other lists:  aid, burma, charity, donations, networking, non-profit, pro-democracy, refugees
medicare2gaza medicare 2 gaza
Location Israel
Web http://http://www.mfa...
Other lists:  gaza, help, israel, life, peace

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