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Humanrights Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "humanrights".

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ShenitaEtwaroo Dr.Shenita Etwaroo 63,549 followers
Bio ☆Evangelist,Animal Advocate,Author,Artist & Humanitarian☆ #NeverBeSilent @Skinned_Alive & @StopFurTrade ☆ #ARabbitCalledNeon(Coming Soon)☆ ❤♥ヅ
Location Daughter of The King ❤❤❤
Web http://www.shenitaetw...
Other lists:  animalrights, animals, christian, peta, pets, rabbits, stopanimalcruelty, stopbullying, stopfurtrade
jonhutson Jon Hutson 31,166 followers (5 on this list)
Bio News on human rights and justice. Innovative thinking about strategic communication for nonprofit groups. My views, not necessarily my employer's.
Location Washington, DC
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  communications, genprev, globalhealth, human-rights, justice, nonprofit, progressive, socialmedia
MrAndreRabie Andre 26,563 followers
Bio #Artist #FineArt #Music #DJ #Trader #Forex #Finance #News #HumanRights #CivilRights #Zen #Atheist #in #UniteBlue )
Location New York City - New York - USA
Other lists:  artist, atheist, civilrights, dj, finance, fineart, forex, trader, zen
JamesJohnsonCHR James Johnson 21,249 followers
Bio Independent Federal Candidate for #Lalor. Bio Blog Donations #Auspol #Writer #Lawyer @wikedleaks
Location Australia
Web http://barnabyisright...
Blog_The_World Blog The World 6,643 followers
Bio Brothers and Sisters of all Nations, Races and Colors, Varying Faiths, Orientations and Conditions come together here Peacefully.
Location Portland, Oregon, USA

Other lists:  africa, asia, canada, europe, food, international, mexico, middleeast, travel
Iain2008 Iain Macadair 4,648 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Advocate for Children
Location Queenstown, New Zealand
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  activism, advocacy, children, education, family, green, librarians, nutrition, physicians
BorderExplorer Billie Greenwood 2,766 followers
Bio Migrant worker for justice. Volunteer: immigration, community dev, housing & hunger. A blogger who likes to laugh.
Location MX Border or Midwest USA
Web http://www.borderexpl...
Other lists:  homelessness, hunger, immigration, justice
alkoga الخوجة 2,648 followers
Location Egypt
Web http://alkoga.blogspo...
Other lists:  alkoga, amnesty, canada, e-learning, education, egypt, nawaranegm, obama, school
abundantwater Babs & Sunny Forsyth 2,006 followers (2 on this list)
Bio A Not-for-profit org creating a simple filter to bring clean water to the world.
Location Laos & Australia
Web http://www.abundantwa...
Other lists:  activism, eco, environment, green, nonprofits, progressive, socialmedia, socialnetworking, water
breakthrough Let's Breakthrough 1,573 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Breakthrough is a human rights organization that brings human rights home.
Location India and U.S
Web http://www.breakthrou...
Other lists:  diversity, immigration, internet, media, nonprofit, popculture, socialmedia, tech, womensrights
CathyGreenall Catherine Greenall 1,510 followers
Bio Author of Vegans Can't Eat Anything! & 'Echoes', she edited her father’s book, 'The Greenall Chronicle' & her latest novel is a thriller 'A Quirk of Destiny'.
Location UK
Other lists:  animalrights, antigm, authors, cookbookauthor, environment, music, scithrillerauthor, self-pubishedauthors, vegan
NewIsraelFund The New Israel Fund 1,503 followers
Bio NIF is committed to democratic change within Israel ensuring complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants.
Other lists:  civilrights, israel, jewish, jews, judaism, justice, middleeast, socialchange, socialjustice
MexCAN Cos F. 1,371 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Enjoying the freedom of speech and religion. Using the update technology to reach the world. I am designer of organic clothing.
Location Iran
Web http://www.bamboowear...
Other lists:  canada, computers, internationalpolitic, politics, sports
caravia158 Ana Valdés 1,363 followers
Bio Writer, nomad, virtual and physical places, ghosts of cities. Montevideo, Stockholm. Anthropologist, urban dweller, foodie, gamer, anarchist, mixed worlds...
Location Stockholm, Montevideo
Other lists:  activism, gender, literature, media, montevideo, stockholm, sweden, urbanism, uruguay
AnaRevolution Storm 1,362 followers
Bio International Rebel & Revolutionary Activist & Poet. Card carrying member of the @ACLU and @Amnesty.
Location Lyonesse

Other lists:  activist, gaza, islam, palestine, politics
SelflessBeing Selfless Being 1,153 followers
Bio Blog on Spirituality, Conscious Awareness, Teachers & Teachings, Articles, Videos, Quotes, & Poems
Location Austin, TX
Web http://pamelajwells.b...
Other lists:  advaita, animalrights, buddhism, environment, hinduism, peace, spirituality
DonnaMLehman Donna Lehman 986 followers (1 on this list)
Bio B2B communications, marketing, PR, and people connections. Fighting autism. Working for social change. Founder of consultancy MarketUP.
Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Other lists:  autism, communications, environment, journalism, marketing, pr, smb, socialmedia, strategy
zenpeacekeeper Marianne Elliott 943 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Human rights advocate, writer, not-for-profit whizz and yoga teacher: writing a memoir about life as a peacekeeper in Afghanistan
Location Paekakariki
Web http://www.zenpeaceke...
Other lists:  activist, afghanistan, buddhism, creative, notforprofit, peace, writers, yoga
Tony_Tracy Tony Tracy 903 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Trade unionist, social justice / anti-poverty / anti-racist / workers' rights activist, rabble-rouser, and drinker of excessive amounts of coffee in Halifax, NS
Location ÜT: 44.657715,-63.594258
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  canada, halifax, labor, labour, left, novascotia, politics, progressive, union
HumanRights666 Mikael Johansson 782 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Master in Human Rights, Human Rights Activist and Human Rights Defender. I also add the great need of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.
Location Malmö
Web http://humanrights666...
Other lists:  80s-hardrock, writing


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