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Ia Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "ia".

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Elinesca Elinesca O 1,748 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Made by Many's Service Designer & overall digital lady bug
Location London
Web http://www.madebymany...
Other lists:  design, fashion, narrative, pets, photographer, social, storytelling, ui, usabillity
harrybr Harry Brignull 1,505 followers (3 on this list)
Bio User Experience Lead at Madgex. CogSci PhD.
Location Brighton, UK
Web http://90percentofeve...
Other lists:  cro, infoarch, informationarchitect, ixd, usability, userexperience, userresearch, ux, webdesign
lauriekalmanson lauriekalmanson 1,101 followers
Bio ux | ixd | ia | content strategy = your brand. i work with teams, startups and agencies. maybe yours?
Location nashville | nyc | chicago
Web http://lauriekalmanso...
Other lists:  contentstrategy, fakegrimlock, ixd, livinginthefuture, sethgodin, ux
Sigaard Martin Sigaard 763 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Passionately curious! Curiously passionate?
Location Pedersborg, Sorø, Denmark, EU
Web http://sigaard.furthe...
Other lists:  changemanagement, e-books, gov20, it, opengov, opensource, socialmedia, windows7
PeteWilliams Pete Williams 319 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Web developer and UX designer who wants to know what you know.
Location Guildford, UK
Web http://petewilliams.i...
Other lists:  dev, developer, ixd, surrey, usability, ux, uxdesigner, web, webdev
mcastenfors Marcus Castenfors 275 followers
Bio Clicking, pushing, pinching, swiping, touching, pointing, typing, scrolling, tapping...
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Other lists:  ixd, ux
iheartusers Carrie Ann Trieglaff 223 followers (2 on this list)
Bio The Happy User Researcher Aspiring Social Media Guru Wife and Mommie Love all things UX & strawberry
Location chicago now - austin aspiring
Web http://www.iheartuser...
Other lists:  analytics, cdw, design, marketing, usability, userexperience, userresearch, ux, webdesign
lukasztyrala Łukasz Tyrała 73 followers
Bio frontend developer • webdesigner • illustrator
Location Krakow, Poland
Web http://lukasztyrala.p...
Other lists:  design, illustration, usability, ux, webdesign
sjbisson Serge Bisson 71 followers
Bio Digital Media, UX Strategist & Developer. Currently working on a new mobile application for my kids.
Location New York
Web http://bissondesign.c...
Other lists:  design, entrepreneur, ios, mobile, nyc, socialmedia, technology, ux, webdevelopment
uxdesignjobs User Experience Jobs 33 followers (1 on this list)
Bio The latest and greatest User Experience Design Jobs from around the net!
Location World Wide
Web http://uxdesignjobs.n...
Other lists:  design, jobs, userexperience, ux, uxjobs
Luke_Oatham Luke Oatham 9 followers
Bio User experience consultant specialising in intranets
Location London

Other lists:  intranet, ux
ThoughtN2Design Thought Into Design 3 followers
Bio Thought Into Design: UX, IxD, IA, Service Design by Dr Alan James Salmoni
Web http://thoughtintodes...
Other lists:  interactiondesign, ixd, userexperience, ux

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