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Integral Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "integral".

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AlexGoodall Alex Goodall 47,701 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Knowledge Analyst, Integralist, Perspectivist, Surreal Humourist, Optimist, Familyist, Social Marketingist, Internet Marketer, Knowledge Mapper (e.g. see URL).
Location Oxford, UK
Web http://AlexGoodall.k-...
Other lists:  internet-entrepreneur, internetmarketing, knowledge-management, personal-development
strasser Averill Strasser 2,747 followers
Bio COO of Water Charity, a nonprofit doing water, sanitation, health projects worldwide. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, attorney, engineer, hang glider pilot.
Location Crestline, CA
Web http://watercharity.o...
Other lists:  multicultural, urban-regional-planning
jbryanphillips Bryan Phillips 2,564 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Husband, father, skier, Integralist, conscious online marketer & music junky. Interested in promoting products & services that make a difference in the world.
Location Denver, CO
Web http://www.integralom...
Other lists:  entrepreneur, marketing, seo, socialmedia, technology
Chinello Chinello Ifebigh 2,563 followers
Bio Braziltravel,Golf travel,Naturalborn Networker, Listener,Entrepereneur,Visionary,Empowerment,open to changes,
Location The Netherlands
Web http://www.terredugol...
Other lists:  book-clubs
TheFreedomBus Ian and Kate 1,930 followers
Bio Stage fright coach (her) and pro speaker (him). Yes to freedom, beauty, fun and friends! Make merry everyday.
Location Brighton / Revel
Web http://thefreedombus....
EyaBetiina Eya Betiina Jørgense 1,134 followers
Bio Teaches psychotherapy and multi-incarnational therapy and loves new knowledge in the area of it, psychology, spirituality, environment, science and politics
Location Denmark
Web http://www.multi-inka...
Other lists:  inspiration
dustmapper RKT (Dust Mapper) 869 followers (3 on this list)
Bio conflict, war, spirituality, mind, brain, psychology, neuroscience, Internet, futurism, communications, technology, autism, PTSD, science, Integral, singularity
Location Hyderabad, India
munmar Raymundo Martinez 738 followers
Bio Curious. Interested in a tapestry of perspectives. Believer in an integral approach to life. Learning, sometimes quickly sometimes slowly. Still amazed.
Location ÜT: 40.745698,-73.942228
Web http://www.facebook.c...
kengillgren Ken Gillgren 545 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Mobilizing collective wisdom to realize exceptional opportunities through stakeholder-driven communications
Location Seattle
Web http://patterns.gillg...
connieassadi Connie Assadi 358 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Contemplative, Shift Facilitator, Student of Life, Certified Pollyanna, Blogger, Accountant (yes, I said accountant)
Location Tehran
Other lists:  bloggers, contemplative, healers-helpers, newthought, rumi, theshiftmovement
carolynwinter Carolyn Winter 230 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Did I mention that I quilt?
Location Toronto
Web http://http:www.Light...
MindStructures Annemieke 210 followers
Bio I love blogging! So the link is to the about-my-blogs-page of my latest WordPress blog.
Location Netherlands
Web http://www.mindstruct...
rromerohavaux Raul Romero Havaux 189 followers
Bio Integral Theory, Systemic Approach, travel, photography, coaching, entrepreneurship, collective inteligence, cocreation, etc.
Location Queretaro, Mexico
Web http://www.raulromero...
partholemew Parth Savla 173 followers
Bio pondering avenues to create social change and transformative shifts in youth/communities through education, the arts, music, dance, and bringing pple together
Location NJ
Web http://www.partholeme...
IE_Drag_Den Dragon's Den 154 followers (1 on this list)
Bio The World's First Men's Integral Practice Community
Web http://www.ievolve.or...
karlhigley Karl Higley 108 followers
Bio A post-boomer intellectual, intrigued by integral theory and Spiral Dynamics.
Location DC Area
Web http://integralestima...
integralpeople Integral People 97 followers
Bio An Integral approach to the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. Be Essential. Be Integral!
Location Chicago & New York
Web http://www.ips-beinte...
debwingfield Debbie Wingfield 93 followers
Bio I am an owner and the creative director at Kailo Communications Studio in Corpus Christi, TX
Location iPhone: 29.029152,-96.544373
IntegralAlive Gary Hawke 5 followers
Bio Integral Alive works for Freedom through the interdisciplinarity of The Philosophy of metaReality and Integral Theory.
Location London
Web http://www.integralal...
Other lists:  integralalive, metareality


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