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Investor-relations Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "investor-relations".

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PennyStockNews PennyStockNews 25,578 followers
Bio Nothing mentioned here is an offer to sell or buy any security. See disclosure at - Find Penny Stock & Forex information while U R there.
Location Alabama
Web http://www.PennyStock...
Other lists:  forex-robots, forex-trading, forex-trading-software, stock-trading
stocknerd Stock Trading Picks 20,040 followers
Bio I'm 27, and started trading stocks at 14 years old (Dad's help). Looking to retire early at 35. Nothing mentioned here is an offer to buy or sell any security.
Location Philadelphia, PA

Other lists:  commodity-trading, derivatives-trading, exchange-traded-fund-investing, forex-robots
thestocktwiter The Stock Twiter 18,877 followers
Bio The BEST stock picks on the internet brought to you by
Location Wall Street
Web http://www.stocktwite...
Other lists:  alternative-energy, email-marketing, financial-advisors, money
IRGnews IRG 12,368 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Small and Micro-Cap News from the Investor Relations Group. Covers Biotech/Specialty Pharma, Entertainment, Medical Device, Technology, and more.
Location New York City, NY
Other lists:  biotechnology, medical, pharmaceuticals
Investo2 Palle Kroeis 11,551 followers
Bio Sophisticated Investor, Trading Program Specialist, Pro Consultant, Real Estate Investor, Passionate Twitter, financial entreprenuer, Listener, Joker.
Location Denmark
Web http://www.kroeis-con...
Other lists:  home-garden
ifiredmyboss604 Laura Reeves 11,126 followers
Bio NJ Lic. Realtor & Executive IR who is Loving Life, Loving People and Interested in anyone that has an open mind and can make me laugh!!!
Location New Jersey
Web http://www.thepayerpl...
Other lists:  funny, music-marketing
XplosiveOTC Markus Limberger 9,548 followers
Bio Markus Limberger is the CEO and founder of XplosiveOTC. Home to the most exciting stocks on the internet!
Location Costa Rica
Web http://www.xplosiveot...
Other lists:  stock-trading
MSpight Matt Spight 4,873 followers
Bio Professional Business Intelligence Manager and Future Millionaire
Location Connectict, USA
Web http://busintelprofes...
Other lists:  business-continuity, project-management
serena Serena Ehrlich 3,730 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Key interests: Startups, News, Investor Relations, NIRI, SOX, XBRL, Social Media, XHTML, SEO and my dog Sammi. Send me a tweet if you want me to follow you.
Location Santa Monica, CA
Web http://www.startuparm...
Other lists:  marketing, pr, socialmedia, travel
just_facts Tom Sommers 3,219 followers
Bio Owner PR/marketing agency, search engine marketing, financial communications & investor relations, internet video marketing, golf when there’s time
Location Houston
Web http://www.targetinte...
tomallinder tomallinder 3,025 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Investor Relations through Social Media, Web 2.0, Golf and Astronomy
Location Crumpler, NC
dodihandy Dodi Handy 2,714 followers (1 on this list)
Bio CEO, Elite Financial Communications,investor relations,public relations,financial markets,economy,internet market,gardening,green technology,leadership,HGTV
Location Lake Mary, Florida
FDIC_Gateway Michael Ahlstrom 2,229 followers
Bio Providing Bulk REO custom packages and FDIC Inventory

Other lists:  mergers-acquisitions
KathyAddison Kathy Addison 2,116 followers
Bio Public Relations, Investor Relations, Social Media, Publicly Traded Companies
Location Orlando, Florida
SteveHandy Steve Handy 2,069 followers
Bio CFO and COO of Elite Financial Communications All aspects of investor and public relations. following anyone with an original thought, challenge me to think!
Location Lake Mary, Florida
humphreybo Humphrey Bo 2,057 followers
Bio CEO, pro forex trader and a blogger. Great opportunity to interact and share trading ideas. Join me and let's have some tweets.
Location London
Web http://www.siriusfore...
Other lists:  forex-teaching
MoneyFeed Money 2,033 followers
Bio Money, investing, investment, banks, loans, finance, financial institutions, credit, credit cards, equity, saving, savings and loan, retirement.

Other lists:  financial-literacy-training, money
Trendfinder_ Gary Hart 1,983 followers
Bio Trendfinder Trading Systems provides fully automated trading strategies that seek to make money in the markets by daytrading the emini stock index futures.
Location Scottsdale, Arizona
Web http://trendfindertra...
Other lists:  derivatives-trading
JMorrison2103 John Morrison 1,889 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Public Relations, Social Media, Green Design, Obscure Knowledge Junkie, Future Fish Farmer
Location Lake Mary, Florida
KristenMcNally Kristen McNally 1,335 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Professionally a multi-industry investor relations exec active in social media; personally a proud American supporting special needs kids, animals and educators
Location Los Angeles, CA

Other lists:  autism-asperger, green, socialmedia


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