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Japanese Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "japanese".

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animefigures Anime Figures 1,919 followers
Bio Trying to get the best of anime figures here. @me if you blog アニメフィギュア 
Location Philly, USA
Web http://ressuns.blogsp...
Other lists:  anime, animefigure, animefigures, figurines, hentai, japan, otaku
qtbrowneyes (qt)browneyes 1,738 followers
Bio ** Annoy my JP tweets? then follow @ll_browneyes_ll ** 【生業】Web系 【趣味】写真・カルチュラルスタディーズ(主にイスラム圏・アフロアメリカン界隈) 【音楽】黒いの全般とエスニック 【ここ】基本独白散文 【ポスト多目】
Location Kanagawa, Japan
Other lists:  crossculture, culturalstudies, desi, iphonegrapher, japan, photographer, sufi, tribalmusic, webdesign
jdh888 JD Howard 920 followers
Bio a traveling circus freak, an idiotic savant, an ersatz entrepreneur, a start-up CEO and a wannabe writer
Location Palo Alto, CA
Web http://naughtyjester....
Other lists:  blogging, chinese, entrepreneur, funny, humor, naughty, observational, sexy, socialmedia
DeTerugvolger Deterugvolger 877 followers
Bio Krijg meer volgers. Volg mijn volgers en ze volgen u terug. Follow my followers and they will follow you.
Location Pepingen
Web http://www.deterugvol...
Other lists:  followingback
JapaneseGameSrc Japanese Game Source 775 followers
Bio I love Japan-only import video games
Web http://www.japanesega...
Other lists:  atlanta, games, georgia, japan, japanese_games, japanesegames, usa, video_games, videogames
DJCOMEOFAGE DJ Come of Age 530 followers
Bio Podcasting Neo Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and DJ Mixes. Licensing and Beat Production! Hit me up...COA
Location Omaha, Nebraska (for now)
Other lists:  china, entrepreneur, filmscore, indiefilms, moviemaker, movieproducers, mp3, musicsupervisor, podcasting
MikeFloyd313 Michael Floyd 405 followers
Bio Time Magazines 2006 Person of The Year. Newbie Web Designer, Sony G.A.P. Member and proud Kleptomaniac. Should u follow? Hellz Yeah!!!
Location The Internet
Other lists:  japan, language, tokyo, youtube
languageez languageez 229 followers
Bio Japanese fanatic, mac user, language addict etc.
Location Italy - Potenza
Other lists:  language
unnaturaljp unnatural 169 followers
Bio Nice to meet you! We are a Pop band based in Tokyo,Japan! 東京出身ミュージシャン。Welcome to our music life, yo! 女Vo/GのItsukaが特にTWEETしているわ♪日本でもTwitterがもっと人気になるとイイね♪
Location Tokyo,Japan
Web http://www.unnatural....
Other lists:  bloggers, femalevocal, j-pop, live, music, musician, myspace, tokyo, twitter
nonochalant さいとほ。/ Miki Saito 50 followers
Bio Blind Dog Trainer/Guardian, R+ Dog Training Instructor, Researcher of Disabled-dog-friendly Training and Care and Web/DTP Creater 眼の見えない犬のQOL向上に役立つトレーニングを研究・発信中
Location Yokohama, Japan
Web http://tdfn.typepad.j...
Other lists:  dachshound, dog, dogcare, doglover, dogtraining, japan, positivedogtraining
agaijinlife Yugo kano 45 followers
Bio A gaijin wondering Japan
Location Tokyo Japan
Web http://gaijinlife.wor...
Other lists:  gaijin, japan, japaneseculture, japanhistory, lifeinjapan, nihon, nihongo, travel, traveljapan
sasasunakku SaraSayaka Hashimoto 13 followers
Bio Fighting hanger, snack by snack.
Other lists:  austria, baking, blogging, cooking, food, kiwi
AllJapanese Brandon Quaal
Location Canada
Other lists:  art, custom, design, digital, kanji, painting, traditional, zazzle
japanesegore Japanese Gore Movies
Bio The Best Bad Gory Splatter Films From Japan
Location World Wide
Web http://japanesegoremo...
Other lists:  best, blogging, blogs, cinema, film, gore, japan, movies, splatter

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