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Kingdom-of-loathing Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "kingdom-of-loathing".

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asym Asymmetric Pub. LLC 3,061 followers
Bio The people who work on Kingdom of Loathing
Location Arizona, etc.
Web http://kingdomofloath...
fugitive247 fugitive247 228 followers
Bio Clean since '95. Cyberian since '97. Intelligent, compassionate smartass. Read bio @ Newsvine.
Location Fulton Co., Arkansas
Other lists:  dual-diagnosis
kolupdates kolupdates 192 followers
Bio News and trivial updates from Kingdom of Loathing. Now with holiday and stat day reminders. This Tweeter is not affiliated with Asymmetric.
Location Penultimate Fantasy Airship
Web http://www.kingdomofl...
xsmootx Jeven W. 186 followers
Bio Someone who needs a job but in the meantime, plays and makes fun of Kingdom of Loathing
KOLtwitbot twitbot 145 followers
Bio This is chat lines from the /newbie channel in Kingdom of Loathing
Web http://www.kingdomofl...
kolnewsbot KoL News Bot 127 followers
Bio The news for Kingdom of Loathing run by Weretaco_slayer
Web http://www.kingdomofl...
djrbk Patrick J. Plante 124 followers
Bio DJ RBK is a DJ for Radio KoL, an online radio stream dedicated to the community of the MMOG Kingdom of Loathing
Location Mountlake Terrace
Web http://djrbk.blogspot...
evil_bat_witch Michelle Houghton 123 followers
Bio NiN fan, Tool fan, LFC, Kingdom of Loathing, karaoke, mommy, teacher, diesel, typo queen and grammar police. Yeah.
Location Aurora, CO
WireMySoul Jan 86 followers
Bio Mom, crafter/designer, geek
Location Alberta Canada
suewhite Sue White 84 followers
Bio libraries, cats, computers, kingdom of loathing addict, did I mention cats?
Location AZ
Maura999 Buttress of Windsor 45 followers
Bio Work, bunnies, Kingdom of Loathing, sushi. :P
Location Massachusetts
Zion_Ravescene Zion Ravescene 40 followers
Bio A Young Doctor™ with an interest in music, astronomy, mash-ups, PC games, Kingdom of Loathing, writing things, good films, Star Trek, LOST, and LazyTown.
Location UK
Web http://ravescenebbs.1...
julzroguenine Julz 37 followers
Bio michigander • liberal • democrat • geologist • master of science • massive geek • livejournal junkie • red wings fan • kingdom of loathing addict • disco bandit
Location Farmington Hills, MI
Web http://julzroguenine....
wolfv wolfv 24 followers
Bio I play magic: the gathering, kingdom of loathing, and a few other things...
Location here
Crazy_Sauce Jen 16 followers
Bio Also known as Disco Fire on Kingdom of Loathing/Twilight Heroes
Location Leeds, UK

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