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Language Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "language".

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twittonary twittonary 9,689 followers
Bio Twittonary aka The Twitter Dictionary. Send me or add your twitter words... business.. apps... etc.
Location San Francisco
Other lists:  dictionary, geek, marketing, socialmedia, socialnetworking, twitter
TechComms Technical Comms 1,573 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Latest technical communication news!

Other lists:  communication, dita, publishing, s1000d, techcomm, technical, technology, writer, xml
Bennu Bennu 1,019 followers
Bio Delivering daily breaking news about Ancient Egypt as well as an Ancient Egyptian 'Word of the Day' in hieroglyphs.
Location Heliopolis
Web http://www.talkingpyr...
Other lists:  ancient, archaeology, egypt, egyptology, hieroglyphs, museum, news, pyramids, virtual
jolanza Lois Shawver, Ph.D. 793 followers
Bio retired clinical psychologist, author of 2 books & many articles and book chapters. More coming. Strong background in western philosophy.
Location California
Web http://wittgenstein.i...
Other lists:  collaboration, futurist, healthcare, philosophers, postmodern, psychologists, psychology, psychotherapists, socialmedia
nmw New Media Works NMW 713 followers
Bio I used to have a life, now I'm an author. Write poems, stories, books, fantasy, fiction, articles,anything for money. Writing is a wonderful career, love my job
Location Norbert Mayer-Wittmann :)
Other lists:  advertising, community, english, keyword, keywords, marketing, online, web, writing
VisualThesaurus Visual Thesaurus 482 followers
Bio An online destination for word lovers.
Location New York City
Web http://www.visualthes...
Other lists:  dictionary, edtech, education, learning, teaching, thesaurus, vocabulary, words, writing
MikeFloyd313 Michael Floyd 405 followers
Bio Time Magazines 2006 Person of The Year. Newbie Web Designer, Sony G.A.P. Member and proud Kleptomaniac. Should u follow? Hellz Yeah!!!
Location The Internet
Other lists:  japan, japanese, tokyo, youtube
languageez languageez 229 followers
Bio Japanese fanatic, mac user, language addict etc.
Location Italy - Potenza
Other lists:  japanese
Lenacorinna Lena Corinna 169 followers
Bio The digital Gardener
Location Nashville. TN.
Web http://www.echowitnes...
Other lists:  art, culture, design, ethnography, fashion, mac, people, socialmedia, technology
tweenofhackney Sophie 140 followers
Bio Speech and Language Therapist (likes marmite, stationery and ugly animals)
Location London, Dalston
Other lists:  autism, communications, education, health, pathology, rcslt, specialneeds, speech, therapy
misterwomby Rod Parham 85 followers
Bio Born SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Retired Compositor and Printing Union Organiser. UNION ACTIVIST growing old UNGRACEFULLY. Likes History and Language.
Location Adelaide, South Australia
Web http://misterwomby.po...
Other lists:  activism, history, movies, printing, union
bakesnobread Christopher Webb 72 followers
Bio freelance intellectual
Location Expat American in Bavaria
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  atheism, english, evolution, expat, germany, jazz, philosophy, physics, science
MachineTrans Machine Translation 65 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Machine Translation news! Launching soon!
Location Global
Web http://en.wikipedia.o...
Other lists:  business, communication, global, international, localization, machinetranslation, mt, technology, translation
smartyears Smarty Ears,LLC 58 followers
Bio Smarty Ears designs iPhone & iTouch apps in the area of speech and language development
Location USA
Web http://www.smarty-ear...
Other lists:  foreign-language, language-pathology, slp, speech, speech-pathology, speech-therapy
NuphaUtsen Nupha Utsen 37 followers
Bio muang thalang Class of 1998 Learn craft Muang thalang '98 Crafts
Location Phuket
Other lists:  bangtao, english, international, phuket, phuketlaguna, school, surinbeach, thai, thailand
kjhatch Kevin Hatch 35 followers
Bio I'm into design, technology, writing, gaming, and various other geeky subjects
Location Earth, sometimes
Web http://www.kevinhatch...
Other lists:  design, fiction, gaming, geek, science, scifi, technology, webdesign, writing
MultiLingualWik multilingual-wiki 26 followers
Bio translations of texts on multilingual wiki pages. Mµ2wiki tag #MultiLingual
Location global
Web http://socialsynergyw...
Other lists:  kabowiki, multilingual, translation, wiki, wikinet
4Qlearning 4Q English Learning 25 followers
Bio Teach English VS Study English; Hindi VS English; rural India VS urban India
Location Indore, India
Web http://www.4Qlearning...
Other lists:  education, elearning, english, india, indore, technology
mastercaweb Master CAWEB 21 followers
Bio Formation professionnalisante dans la création et la gestion de sites multilingues, la localisation de contenu digital et la gestion de projets.
Location Université de Strasbourg
Web http://mastercaweb.u-...
Other lists:  formation, localization, master, multimedia, professional, project_manager, sandwich-training, strasbourg, web
insightenglish Insight English 19 followers
Bio Insight English Language School in Bangkok offers a wide range of Academic English, Business and Social English language courses. Now OPEN in CHIANG-MAI!
Location Chiang Mai , Thailand
Web http://insightenglish...
Other lists:  chiang-mai, corporatetraining, education, english, learning, schools, study, thailand, training


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