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Lawyers Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "lawyers".

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JerryBrown2010 Jerry Brown 967,228 followers
Bio I'm the current Attorney General for California, former mayor of Oakland and a former governor of California.
Location California
Web http://www.jerrybrown...
Other lists:  attorneys, government, law, politics
HarveyLevinTMZ Harvey Levin 106,338 followers
Bio I'm a lawyer.
Other lists:  law
flaguarita Flávia S. Guarita 74,083 followers
Bio Lawyer, 28 anos Seja tudo o que você puder ser!
Location Campinas / Brasil
Other lists:  beautiful, brazil, celebrity, friends, girls, models, people, tv, twitter
Rex7 Rex7 72,896 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Twitter for legal community? Let's see: 2009 law school graduate, published, marathon runner, cardinals baseball fan #Lawyer #attorney.
Location St. Louis, MO
Web http://socialmedialaw...
Other lists:  attorneys, baseball, law, marathons
MarkRMatthews Mark R Matthews 55,118 followers (1 on this list)
Bio #TCOT! I am a very conservative Attorney/Professor with a wonderful wife and seven wonderful children.
Location Fountain Valley, CA
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  attorneys, children, conservative, law, tcot
mclaughlinchris Chris McLaughlin 43,153 followers (4 on this list)
Bio America's Top Real Estate Attorney and Investment Consultant, Professional Speaker, Short Sale and REO Expert, Owner of 4 real estate offices with 400 Agents.
Location Tampa, FL
Web http://www.shortsales...
Other lists:  attorney, attorneys, entrepreneur, foreclosure-short-sales, law
Bill_Romanos Bill Romanos 41,209 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Corporate Attorney. Science, space, intelligence, philosophy, writing, book collecting and reading, etc.
Location Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Web http://cislunarspace....
Other lists:  aerospace-aviation, attorney, attorneys, collecting, international-relations
bcuban Brian Cuban 36,187 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Dallas Lawyer, blogger, currently working on my 1st book, You Don't Say-Hate Speech On The Internet. Proud parent to a cat named Useless and my dog, Peanut..
Location Dallas, Texas
Web http://www.briancuban...
Other lists:  attorneys, baseball, dallas, judaism, law, nba, socialmedia, technology, writers
StarJonesEsq Star Jones 34,683 followers
Bio An American Lawyer Chick who is FREE, BLACK and GROWN.
Location New York
Web http://positivelystar...
Other lists:  celebrity
BullsEyeLeader David Porter 34,098 followers
Bio Business Leadership Coach and attorney. For those needing a target that resonates and a clear road to pursue it, BullsEye Leadershp is your answer.
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Web http://www.BullsEyeLe...
Other lists:  attorneys, coach, leader, leadership
stevejankowski Steve Jankowski 33,294 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Christian,Husband, Father of 4 daughters, Attorney, Ret Marine, Online Marketer, Self Branding teacher, and totally determined dude
Location Minnesota
Web http://www.seolidify....
Other lists:  attorneys, branding, daughters, entrepeneur
JohnRobberson John Robberson 29,157 followers
Bio Network Marketing Coach, Criminal Defense Attorney and a bit of a Rebel. Helping others reach Financial Freedom.
Location San Antonio, Texas
Web http://www.TropicalRe...
Other lists:  accounting, attorneys, crime, defense, marketing
charbrown charles brown 28,765 followers
Bio I am a web marketing coach who helps business people develop personal brands online with social networking strategies.
Location Fort Worth, Texas USA
Web http://webmarketingco...
Other lists:  content-marketing, permission-marketing, personal-branding, social-bookmarking, social-media-marketi, socialmedia, strategy-consultant
BDUTT barkha dutt 27,532 followers
Bio News addict. Editor, Anchor-Journalist at NDTV. Wannabe Lawyer. Voracious reader.
Location India

Other lists:  reading
AlexisNeely Alexis Martin Neely 23,892 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Lawyer You Love, Mom, Bestelling Author, Will Inspire You to Think Bigger About Yourself and Your Business Than You Ever Thought Possible
Location California
Other lists:  parenting, spirituality
Brian_Howes Brian Howes 19,150 followers
Bio Husband, Proud father, Activist, News and Media contributor. Fighting Illegal Extradtion for All to the DEATH. Follow me and I Followback. Computer Engineer.
Location Scotland, UK 51st U.S State.
Web http://extradition.or...
Other lists:  children
LeeRosen Lee Rosen 19,012 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Married to @lisarosen, dad, divorce lawyer, frequent chicken gyro eater. Recovered sushi addict. Chauffeur to @tobyrosen and @delaneyrosen.
Location Raleigh, NC
Other lists:  attorney, divorce, lawyer, obsessive-compulsive-disorder-ocd
nancymyrland Nancy Myrland 7,963 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Marketing Advisor | Social Media Consultant | Speaker | Trainer. I help firms grow by strategically integrating Social Media in to their marketing efforts.
Location Indianapolis
Web http://myrlandmarketi...
Other lists:  legal, legalmarketing, marketing, professionalservices, servicesmarketing, socialmedia, socialmediaconsult, strategicmarketing
Glennia Glennia 3,828 followers (3 on this list)
Bio mom, lawyer, blogger, liberal, traveler, coffee achiever. MOMocrats Co-Founder. Family travel blogger.
Location Bay Area, California
Web http://glenniacampbel...
Other lists:  blogger, mom, momblogger, moms, progressive, projectrunway, realitytv, travel, travelblogger
TreasureBox67 Sarah Saldana 3,555 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Formally known as @JustSweetAngel Photographer, Graphic Designer and act as a Network for Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Musicians, with a Passion for Music. #TPL
Location NeverLand, Arcadia, CA
Web http://justsweetangel...
Other lists:  adult, art, crochet, geeks, graphicart, graphicdesign, paint, photography, realestate


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