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People who have been tagged with the keyword "lds".

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spencer_hunt Spencer Hunt 17,197 followers
Bio Christian Entrepreneur, Eagle Scout, Army Officer, into Social Media, Horses, Nutrition, Running, Tennis & Scuba. LDS RM. A brand new Dad!
Location CA, OR... now Killeen, Texas
Web http://LovelyFreedom....
Other lists:  entrepreneur, fitness, horses, marathon, military, running, socialmedia, tennis, texas
allenjblodgett Allen Blodgett 5,746 followers
Bio #TeamFollowBack | Experienced live tweeter, @NOAA weather spotter, wanna be social media specialist, & organist (not extraordinaire).
Location Appleton, WI
Web http://allenjblodgett...
Other lists:  autofollow, autofollowback, followback, ios, ipad, iphone, jessie, ldsconf, mormon
ShaynePacker Shayne Packer 4,608 followers (7 on this list)
Bio Hi-Tech Grandpa helps grandparents & grandkids connect with cool technology. Husband of @GrammyTanda. Father. Christian. LDS. Mac. GrandMagazine Tech Reporter.
Location Maryland, USA
Web http://GrandparentsTL...
Other lists:  family, father, grandfather, grandparent, grandparents, tech, technology
dyejo dyejo 1,517 followers
Bio Social media marketing enthusiast, autism advocate, BYU Alumnus and Cougar fan, marathon runner, and 摩爾門經 podcast creator!
Location Murray, UT
Web http://www.fluid-stud...
Other lists:  battlestargalactica, design, graphicdesign, iphoneapplications, marathons, mobileapps, mormon, running, utah
consultweet Michael Argust 983 followers
Bio Having fun as a Health Care Consultant, Ernst&Young, Siemens, MS4, MedSeries4, Technology, Training, Software,
Location Utah
Web http://argustcm@argus...
Other lists:  clinic, consulting, ehr, emr, entrepreneur, healthcare, hipaa, software, start-up
GAFlygirl April 939 followers (1 on this list)
Bio LDS-Christian,Republican, SAHM of 6 . Musician, flybaby, and trying to get healthy and in shape. plz no solicitations. only socializing
Location  Georgia, USA
Other lists:  baking, cleaning, crafts, flylady, geneology, homemaking, homeschool, moms, singing
MaryandBessie Mary Sells 874 followers
Bio Bessie is my Pitt Bull/Boxer mix Service Dog, we're a Team of Conservatives who Love Alaska and Freedom
Location Alaska
Web http://maryalice-from...
Other lists:  ufo, indiespotting, etsy, 2012, alaska, astronomy, astronomy
sweetnseattle jenny 592 followers
Bio i ♥ vintage photography, painting, nurturing, & style making. and seattle!
Location seattle, wa
Web http://jennyvorwaller...
Other lists:  artist, blogger, creativity, designer, mom, painter, photography, seattle, style
Logos1Neo Mike of New England 426 followers
Bio There is no oblivion.Life is an Optical Delusion.Do u want the truth or rather live in lies.In the end, there is no choice.
Web http://logos.stumbleu...
Other lists:  philosophy, science, syfy
gunnro Roger Gunn 232 followers
Bio I examine the crossroads of politics and religion. Free speech Advocate. First Amendment Warrior.
Location Utah
Web http://www.rogerdavid...
Other lists:  firstamendment, freespeech, politics, religion
LDSHousewife JoAnna 155 followers
Bio New convert LDS! Also avid nerd/geek!
Location NYC
Other lists:  mormon, nyc
donsmj Don's Mormon Journal 155 followers
Bio A middle-aged, middle-class, husband, father, grandfather, #LDS guy...trying to make my way in the world...
Location San Antonio
Web http://www.donsmormon...
Other lists:  mormon, religion
taffylovell Taffy Lovell 116 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Someday I will publish my book, make my family dizzy with my wit and culinary skills. Until then, I am who I am.
Location Western US
Other lists:  authors, authors-writers, fiction, writer, writers, writers-editing, writing
TristiPinkston Tristi Pinkston 98 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Editor, author, mommy, headless chicken.
Location Utah
Web http://www.tristipink...
Other lists:  author, authors, bloggers, editing, editors, fiction, historicalfiction, mysteries, publishers
josiskilpack Josi S. Kilpack 78 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Thirty-something mother of four, happy homemaker, multi-published author, voracious reader, reluctant dancer, and wannbee runner.
Location Willard, Utah
Web http://www.josikilpac...
Other lists:  author, blogger, christian, fiction, lowcarb, mormon, novelist, writer, writing
sisterkutz sisterkutz 60 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I'm a 40 year old married female. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I love watching KSN. You can always find our TV on that station...
Location Garden City

Other lists:  facebook, grandmothers, grandparents, mom
BookMormon2day Book of Mormon 54 followers
Bio Another Testament of Jesus Christ

Other lists:  bible, bookofmormon, churchofjesuschrist, jesus, latterdaysaints, mormon, religion, scriptures, utah

Other lists:  dentists


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