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Liberal Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "liberal".

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jilevin Jeffrey Levin 35,682 followers (10 on this list)
Bio Marketing Programs Manager, social media, human rights, politics and news junkie, bleeding heart liberal (and proud of it) Follow Me / I'll Follow You! #hrc
Location San Jose, CA

Other lists:  gay, human-rights, politics
alapoet Steve Elliott 9,208 followers (8 on this list)
Bio Reality Catcher /writer/social media political activist/strategist/medical marijuana patient. Damned liberal. HIGH VOLUME. NSFW. Hey now. Welcome home THC-attle
Location Seattle
Web http://realitycatcher...
Other lists:  activist, marijuana, paganism
EileenLeft Eileen Left™ 5,667 followers (7 on this list)
Bio Democracy is not a spectator sport! Inaction is NOT an option! If you want me to follow you back, tell me about yourself. Please follow me @Eileen_Left too
Location United States
Web http://eileenleft.tum...
Other lists:  democrats, left, p2, progca
Anomaly100 Anomaly100 856 followers (7 on this list)
Bio News Junkie, Democrat, Christian (spiritual not religious), painting mannequins, dislike extemists & hatred, racism & bigots
Location Manhattan
Web http://FreakOutNation...
Other lists:  animals, christian, civilrights, democrat, digg, fashion, paranormal, politics, progressive
ChasingTao Photography is Art 6,353 followers (6 on this list)
Bio Contemplative PhotoArt, poetry, TAO, Zen, Pagan, Judaic, Gnostic, metaphysical philosophies, current events, & human rights advocate. ☸ ૐ ☮ ♪ ♥ ♉
Location Michigan
Web http://chasingtao.zen...
Other lists:  art, gay, micropoetry, nature, photography, poetry, progressive, tao, zen
ElMonte08 Monte Mayor 19,553 followers (6 on this list)
Bio uniteblue progressive - liberal #SaveOurPublicSchools #DreamAct LGBT rights, secular humanist
Location San Antonio, Texas
Web http://elmontepoeta.b...
Other lists:  activist, art, atheist, collage, educationreform, poetry, progressive, streetart, writing
MotherJones Mother Jones (5 on this list)
Bio smart, fearless journalism
Other lists:  public-policy, social-justice
janinewallace Janine Wallace 782 followers (5 on this list)
Bio I live and breathe somewhere left of the middle; addicted to music, laughter, tinkly bells; easily distracted by shiny things
Location Earth

Other lists:  democrat, digg, digguser, dnj, du1, p2, progressive
miskinlaw Murray H Miskin 12,434 followers (4 on this list)
Bio CANADIAN LAWYER, arbitrator, mediator. environmentalist, FISHING FANATIC. Politics know it all. Follow back most followers.
Location Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Web http://www.adrworks.c...
Other lists:  alternative-dispute-resolution, canoeing-kayaking, conflict-resolution, legal-technology
GrrrlRomeo Meo 1,239 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Gay female, liberal, computer nerd, sci-fi geek. 33. @hoot71's girlspouse.
Location Crescent City, CA
Other lists:  dork, feminism, gay, geek, lesbian, lgbt, politics, progressive
cmfcknw c·[mfckn]·w 3,744 followers (4 on this list)
Bio I was. I am. I will.
Location ✥||fallen from grace||✥
Web http://cmfcknw.tumblr...
Other lists:  atheist, blackberry, blogger, conservation, history, humor, poet, tattoos, tumblr
elissarose elissarose (3 on this list)
Bio I draw things and do stuff!
Location Manhattan, KS
Web http://www.girlvsrobo...
Other lists:  progressive, comic-book-artist, art
SistersTalk SistersTalk Radio 12,493 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Producer & host of syndicated online lesbian and gay radio show SistersTalk Radio. Writer at Founder of iQreporter for UENM Team.
Location ÜT: 42.502224,-88.998194
Web http://blogtalkradio....
Other lists:  lesbians
TexBetsy Texas Betsy (3 on this list)
Bio Texas mom, educator, blogger, teacher, etc.
Location Austin, TX, USA
Web http://www.relaxedpol...
Other lists:  feminist, scissorheads, progressive, esl
Noetical Alita Holly 9,894 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Progressive Political Junkie: I try to use my powers for good...and mostly succeed! ...And I'm a geek!
Location Los Angeles, California
Web http://www.noetical.c...
Other lists:  democrat, genealogy, newsjunkie, progressive
NYTimeskrugman Paul Krugman 107,204 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Economics and Politics: The Conscience of a Liberal, an NYTimes blog by Paul Krugman
Location New York, NY
Web http://krugman.blogs....
Other lists:  economics, media, news, nytimes
Paul2eD Paul Tweedy 11,726 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Immortal utopian futurist, obsessive nerd, Singularity prophet, liberal pragmatist.
Location Denver
Other lists:  immortality
TesslerPT Progressive Think 8,761 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Think Like Our Founding Fathers
Location USA
Web http://www.Progressiv...
Other lists:  conservative, tcot, tea-party
M_Ignatieff Michael Ignatieff 13,427 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Michael Ignatieff - Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
Location Canada
pzmyers PZ Myers 9,183 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Godless liberal biologist
Location Morris, MN
Web http://scienceblogs.c...
Other lists:  atheist, biology, science


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