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Lomography Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "lomography".

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Soffici Luca Soffici 1,461 followers
Bio graphic & web designer / flash developer / typophile / movie buff / music lover / amateur photographer
Location Modena, Italy
Other lists:  art, design, flash, graphicdesign, iphone, music, photography, typography, webdesign
sonyanews Sonya Smith 1,056 followers
Bio Mobile + social + web journalista at Orange County Register. Likes tap dancing, mobile apps, music, wikis and lomography.
Location LA/OC
Other lists:  journalist, mobileapps
elyse elyse wikanta 819 followers
Bio Enjoying life, travelling extensively, and capturing everything in my camera. Japan is my passion! ♥
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Other lists:  blackberry, design, food, japan, mac, photography, socialmedia, travel
saitam Loretta 415 followers
Bio Nächsten Freitag rette ich die Welt!
Location تهران، ایران

Other lists:  fotografie, frankfurt, genealogy, germany, haiku, mainframe, openvms, photographer, photography
panelomo panelomo 155 followers (1 on this list)
Bio husband.architect.font collector.doodler.laker fan.frustrated graphic artist.lomo artist.
Location Singapore
Other lists:  holga, lca, lomo, photography
thesarahshow thesarahshow 135 followers (1 on this list)
Bio NYU MFA Screenwriter. Photographer. dilettante extraordinaire
Web http://www.thesarahsh...
kategoetting Kate Goetting 113 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I like stuff.
Location California
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  photography
x9zero Russ The Webmaster 112 followers (3 on this list)
Bio well i'm me..... don't really think anyone else would really want to be me..... and i'm not sure i'd like to be anyone else.....
Location Worksop, UK
Web http://www.lomography...
SJVale Spencer Vale 59 followers
Bio I have never appeared on children's gameshow Knightmare
Location York, UK
Other lists:  comedy, music, york
sebastianlund Sebastian Lund 56 followers
Bio dont mistake lack of talent for genius
Location iPhone: 55.702076,12.588429

Other lists:  analog, denmark, lc-a, photography, plasticcameras
YingAtita Atita Patt. 3 followers
Bio I left my own in life for the way i am.
Location UK
Other lists:  apple, application, art, design, drawing, graphicdesign, illustrate, photography, socialmedia
HipstamaticBlog Jan Bommes 1 followers
Bio just love the Hipstamatic app!
Location Kiel, Germany
Web http://hipstamatics.b...
Other lists:  hipstamatic
lomographyspain (2 on this list)
scootiepye (1 on this list)
EricFlavin (1 on this list)
Tri5tan tri5tan
Bio Photographs,Thoughts and mindless wittering, twittering, this and that, Graffiti, Street Art, Stickering, Stencils, dysfunctional
Location london
Web http://www.chewingbro...
Other lists:  photography, etsy, art, toycameras

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