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Lost Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "lost".

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zsafwan Zamil A. Safwan 10,462 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Telecom / Internet geek, Mac lover and Social Media addict
Location Amman, Jordan
Other lists:  blackberry, iphone, foodies, mac, mind-mapping
JennyHoliday Jenny Heid 1,674 followers
Bio I paint, collect, bake, craft, and love cupcakes and puppies
Location New Jersey Shore USA
Web http://www.everyday-i...
Other lists:  etsy, etsytweets, cake, cupcakes, handmade
jfetsky Jake Fetsky 1,601 followers
Bio Hanging out at the beach, dog in tow. Enjoy tweets about sports, geeky stuff, world affairs and most things of an intelligent nature.
Location Ontario

Other lists:  socialmedia, gatornation, dogs, cleanoceans
GenYEx Sean 1,474 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Pop Media for you
Location Dallas, TX
Web http://www.examiner.c...
Other lists:  flashforward, media, movies, music, popculture, television, twitter, videogames
frjamescoles Fr. James Coles 1,351 followers
Bio husband, pop, orthodox priest, coffee drinker, hiker, biker, chessercizer, reader, writer, teacher, preacher, cup cake eater
Location Phoenix
Web http://frjamescoles.w...
Other lists:  christian
Eli4short Eli 905 followers
Bio *Chachi Verified* I LOVE Israel, my ASD kid, being a Jew, my amazing Rabbi, sushi, the #twitpacha & rain. I AM the Last Miner :) Blogging 4 @PittJewishChron!
Location ÜT: 40.432466,-79.925023
Web http://elianahsharon....
Other lists:  jews
Kalikie Kalikie 818 followers
Bio Mother,Computer Gamer,Video Gamer
Location Arkansas
Web http://kalikie.blogsp...
Other lists:  dogs, arkansas, hawaii
rataweekly Joshua Martin 572 followers
Bio Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Critic, Lover of Movies, Music, TV, LOST, Survivor, Awesomeness. Read my Unrated Entertainment Webzine, RATA Weekly today! Thanks.
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://ratedawesometo...
Other lists:  comedy, entertainment, filmmakers, journalists, movies, music, socialmedia, tvshows, writers
mulderism djuna rykiel 520 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Curiouser and curiouser indeed. (Writer am I) X-Philian-Lostian-Believer of all things unexplained, with coffee and cherry pie on the side.
Location miami
Web http://1013x.tumblr.c...
Other lists:  millennium, pushingdaisies, thelonegunmen, twinpeaks, x-files
klischnet klisch 436 followers
Bio rock´n media
RealPoshMom Jennifer 411 followers
Bio Wife. Mommy. Coordinator. Persuader. Coffee Aficionado. Arachnophobic.
Location McKinney, Texas
Web http://poshmom.blogsp...
Other lists:  dallas, savechuck, fringe, badrobot
gingergeri Geri 347 followers
Bio Contestor, figure skating watcher, Agnostic, Toastmaster. This years's goals walk 300 miles on treadmill, and read 25,000 pages.
Location Toronto
sdsb110 Steve B 333 followers
Bio Adventurer / Sound & Lighting Intern
Location Massachusetts

Other lists:  travel, nonprofits, marketing, newmedia, tcmaker, iowa, entrepreneur, philanthropy, startrek
HeatherScents Heather 198 followers
Bio I'm a city bus driver. A lot of crazy stuff happens to me at work. I'm also an aromatherapist. That has nothing to do with buses.
Location Canada, eh?
Web http://www.heathersce...
Other lists:  accupressure, aromatherapy, essential_oils, etsy, herbs, holistic, soap, tarot, vampires
AndyTheRoo Andrew Trotter 181 followers
Bio You don't scare me, that could be anyone's ass.
Location Sunderland
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Kristian_Blake Kristian Blake 175 followers
Bio is currently writing the YA novel The Catalyst, a Lostie since 2004, enjoys TV way too much and sports too. =D
Location Kansas
Web http://www.nanowrimo....
Other lists:  writing
pendo86 Dan Pendleton 170 followers
Bio This is me!
Location Liverpool, UK
Web http://www.formspring...
Other lists:  gay, reddwarfers, scouse, teachers
PAatyourDoor Emma Windsor 163 followers
Bio Personal Assistant with tips & tricks to help save you time & money. Onsite or Remotely, Apple Macs or PCs, web or print.
Location Wiltshire
Web http://www.emmawindso...
Other lists:  booklover, business, damages, films, maclover, personalassistant, seaside, virtualassistant, walking
Sexual_T_Rex Sexual_T_Rex 142 followers
Bio I'm here for the ladies, Blazers, USC, and KFC
Location Tehran

Other lists:  trailblazers
theevaeffect Eva 121 followers
Bio Air Force wife, blogger, and coffee lover tweeting my way through a 4 year tour of Europe.
Location Ramstein, Germany
Web http://thesquarepegmo...


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