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Microbiology Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "microbiology".

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ThaVM Vivian Monteban 14,471 followers
Bio Glancing into the future by looking beyond the pixels #science #microbiology #nanotech #dutch
Location Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  bacteria, dutch, nanotech, science
Aurametrix Aurametrix Co 10,265 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Health Management Systems based on Next Gen diagnostic technologies assessing all aspects of health and wellness - from food intolerance to aging and more
Location Silicon Valley, CA
Other lists:  bioinformatics, biotechnology, clinicalinformatics, dietitians, health, healthcare, medical, sciencecommunication, semantic_web
Microbiology_WB Microbiology News 3,387 followers
Bio Tweeting the latest in Microbiology, Virology, Bacteria, Viruses, Immunology and Infectious diseases for students, teachers and professionals.
Location London, UK
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  bacteria, bacteriology, biotechnology, disease, immunology, molecular, textbooks, virology, virus
MadelineBinder Madeline D, Binder 1,490 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Science Fair Lady bringing you free science fair projects, ideas, topics, experiments & resources.
Location Evanston, IL
Web http://www.super-scie...
Other lists:  biology, chemistry, homeschool, physics, science, scienceed, sciencefair, sciencefairprojects, teachers
IDMICRO I A 1,028 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Microbiologist who enjoys travel, photography, tweeting about science in general but with focus on infectious diseases & immunology [EN, PT]
Location London

Other lists:  astronomy, cooking, genomics, history, immunology, news, science, skepticism, travel
chicchaimono chicchaimono 768 followers
Bio Microbiologist interested in infectious diseases, mobile computing, 3D photography, and cheesecakes. Flickr:; YouTube:
Location Boston, USA

Other lists:  bioinformatics, biology, biotechnology, coffee, health, medical, microbial-genomics, science, scientists
Nardijah Nadia 707 followers
Bio Medical scientist/2, Supporter of Médecins Sans Frontières and member of the Australian Greens. Obsessed with coffee, food, histology.
Location Brisbane for now

Other lists:  histology, medicalscientists, politics, scientists
GenomeScience Inst Genome Sciences 465 followers (2 on this list)
Bio nonprofit genome research institute
Location BioPark in downtown Balto
Web http://www.igs.umaryl...
Other lists:  bioinformatics, genetics, genomics, hmp, humanmicrobiome, infectiousdiseases, metagenomics, science
MicrobeTweets Elsevier Microbiol* 401 followers
Bio Top content in microbiology, virology, mycology and bacteriology for scientists, practitioners, industry and everyone else who is interested
Location Global

Other lists:  bacteria, bacteriology, h1n1, infectiousdisease, influenza, microbe, microbial-genomics, mycology, virus
asmkelly Kelly Gull 132 followers
Bio Manager, Faculty Programs for the American Society for Microbiology. I heart science educators! Tweets are not official ASM positions or statements.
Location Washington, DC
Other lists:  bioinformatics, biology, lifescience, microbial-genomics
OlderMusicGeek D OlderMusicGeek 100 followers (1 on this list)
Bio divorced parent of a school age child; midwesterner American; loves all kinds of music especially alternative, punk, 70s, 80s; also love movies, books, comics
Location midwestern United States
Web http://oldermusicgeek...
Other lists:  ex-catholics, alternativemusic, fathers, sci-fitwitters, starwars, cultfilms, neuroscience, reddwarfers, nasa
surlyadopter Nathaniel
Bio Research Scientist, Ancient History afficionado, enjoyer of snack food,
Location Los Angeles
Web http://www.otherpeopl...
Other lists:  microbial-genomics, biotech, scientists
aggie12thman Johanna (1 on this list)
Bio Displaced Texan living in LA
Location Los Angeles, CA

Other lists:  scientists, wine, biotech, coffee, catholic, christian
BrachypodiumPro Andrew Routledge
Bio The professional face of Brachypodium75;Part Biology Lecturer, Part Trainee Househusband.
Location London UK

Other lists:  teachersontwitter, edtech, science_ed, biologyteacher

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