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Mommyblogger Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "mommyblogger".

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DagmarBleasdale Dagmar Bleasdale 15,412 followers (7 on this list)
Bio mom, blogger, editor, social media addict, columnist, entrepreneur. Natural birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and green advocate. I tweet a lot :)
Location Katonah, New York
Web http://DagmarBleasdal...
Other lists:  attachmentparenting, breastfeeding, editor, frugal, green, lactivist, mom, parenting, socialmedia
mombloggersclub Jennifer James 14,106 followers (17 on this list)
Bio Blogger since '04; Founder, Mom Bloggers Club; Social Media Consultant incl. STOKKE USA Contact:
Location Winston-Salem, NC
Web http://www.momblogger...
Other lists:  blogger, mom
marcelleturner Marcelle Turner 12,398 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Blogger, social media fan, interactive marketing agency exec and digital butterfly!
Location Orlando, FL
Web http://www.pinklenses...
Other lists:  ceo, executives, interactive, marketing, socialmedia, speakers
creativemoms Creative Moms 10,605 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Everything Creative and Fun for moms and dads to do w/ your kids. Easy recipes, art projects/supplies, theme parties, and fun things 2 do 2 liven up imagination
Location Pasadena, CA
Web http://www.savvysassy...
Other lists:  creative, mom
MommyBlog Soapbox Mama 10,570 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Soapbox is all about Moms who like to think outside the box.
Location World Wide Web
Web http://www.soapboxmam...
Other lists:  mom, mompreneur
PureNaturalDiva purenaturaldiva 8,066 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Wife, Mother, Glam Wholeliving Blogger. Greener, Healthier and Fabulous!
Location Los Angeles
Web http://www.purenatura...
TheChattyMomma Tonia Sanders™ 7,656 followers (31 on this list)
Bio Dishing out the 411 on motherhood, pregnancy, marriage, and ANYTHING else I feel like saying!
Location Washington, DC 'burbs
Web http://www.thechattym...
Other lists:  breastfeeding, marriage, parenting, productreviewer, recipes, social, socialmediamom, travel, vlogger
pinksugarmama Andrea Jean 6,931 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Stay at Home Mom that never stays home. Struggling to find peace amongst the paint, the poop, and the playdoh.
Location Hollywood, CA
Web http://www.savvysassy...
Other lists:  moms
juggling_mama Juggling Mama Mom 5,685 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Sometimes you feel like you’re the only mom with more balls in the air than Cirque Du Soleil, but don’t worry, you’re not alone in this crazy three-ring circus
Web http://jugglingmama.c...
Other lists:  mom, mompreneur
lajollamom La Jolla Mom 5,126 followers (23 on this list)
Bio Stay at home mom, blogger, La Jolla Examiner, social media addict, wine lover.
Location La Jolla, CA
Web http://www.lajollamom...
VelveteenMind Megan Jordan 5,013 followers (8 on this list)
Bio Mom, writer, speaker, Blog Nosh Magazine publisher / I revel in the threadbare and nosh on your blogs. @BlogNoshMag
Location Gulfport, MS / MS Gulf Coast
Web http://velveteenmind....
topmomma topmomma 4,705 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Motha of all mommy bloggers, owner/admin of
Web http://www.topmomma.c...
Other lists:  wahm
MomRN Tamara Walker, MomRN 4,471 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Ask MomRN Show host, mom of two teens, R.N., child safety expert, Christ follower, living life on one leg and loving it!
Location Oklahoma
Other lists:  parenting
sweetney Tracey GaughranPerez 3,952 followers (18 on this list)
Bio Geeky Gen-X Writer. Indie Rock Snob. Professional Internerd. Smartass. Single Mom. Proud contributor to the Dumptruck/Tubes Symposium.
Location Baltimore, MD | (C)Harm City
Web http://www.sweetney.c...
Other lists:  baltimore, blogger, bloggers, blogging, mommybloggers, mother, writer, writers, writing
MommyNews Judy Masucci 3,880 followers (6 on this list)
Bio Mom, Breastfeeding Advocate, Mommy Blogger, Entrepreneur
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Web http://mommynewsblog....
Other lists:  mom
livinglocurto Amy Locurto 3,582 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Graphic Designer, Mom, blogger, DIY, Crafty, Owner of @atomicegg, Co-Founder of @iheartfaces, Loves Mac, iPhone, Free Printables, Tennis and Photography
Location Dallas, Texas
Web http://livinglocurto....
TheGonzoMama The Gonzo Mama 3,296 followers (17 on this list)
Bio Columnist/Publisher/Editor. Author of Everything I Need to Know About Motherhood I Learned from Animal House. Vegan. Adoption. Mom to 7. Wife to @REALTORdad.
Location ÜT: 47.754797,-120.157576
Web http://Christina-Mari...
Other lists:  adoption, author, columnist, humor, specialneeds, vegan
SuburbanTurmoil Lindsay Ferrier 3,101 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I write. A lot.
Location Nashville, Tennessee
Web http://www.suburbantu...
Other lists:  blogger
KimMoldofsky KimMoldofsky 3,082 followers (5 on this list)
Bio I'm a social media consultant, mom, wife, writer and blogger with an eye for spotting trends.
Location Chicago, IL USA
Web http://www.hormonecol...
Other lists:  marketer
Mommy_Diaries Mommy Diaries 2,945 followers (7 on this list)
Bio Remember the Nanny Diaries? There’s another side to the childcare drama...
Location Seattle, WA


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