Multifamily Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "multifamily."

Sara S. Graham
Other lists: branding, pr, publicrelations
Other lists: branding
Moneywise Financial
Other lists: business, deals, entrepreneur
Criado Resources LLC
Kimberly Madrigal
Other lists: csr, environment, green
Charity Zierten
The Visionaire Condo
Cass Waste
Other lists: business, consulting, expense
Angela Irizarry
Sean Henry
Other lists: apartments, brokerage, condo
John Wilhoit Jr.
Other lists: apartments, cmbs, housing
John Mijac
Mike Brewer
Leigh Curry
Other lists: apartments, multihousing
Melissa Robbins
Rose Manos
Other lists: mfi
Realtor Chris H
Doug Chasick
Multifamily Headhunt
NationaLease Program
Laurel Zacher
Other lists: marketing
Ellipse Inc.
The Training Factor
Other lists: socialmedia
Huntington Partners
Other lists: realestate

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