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National-rifle-association Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "national-rifle-association".

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KatyinIndy Katy 62,105 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Cogito, ergo sum conservative. WE NOT ALL IMMIGRANTS! My family here since 1635! Jefferson: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. #tcot #gop
Location USA
Web http://katyinindy.blo...
Other lists:  conservative, pro-life, stoptheliberalsnow, tcot
TPO_Hisself Tom O'Halloran 27,078 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Child of God - Married - Gun carrying NRA Conservative - Right Winger hard Core Anti Obama (Pro America), Parrothead - #tcot #nra #iPhone
Location Las Vegas, Nevada 89145
Other lists:  barack-obama, conservative, god, guns-firearms
DrBobParsons Bob Parsons 12,157 followers
Bio CEO and Founder: & GO AZ Motorcycles. Hunter, former US Marine. Not a real doc. Lover of all things American (esp Chevrolet, NRA & Smith & Wesson).
Location Scottsdale, AZ, USA (mostly)
Web http://www.bobparsons...
Other lists:  business, chevrolet, hunting, motorcycling
sanuzis Saul Anuzis 11,644 followers
Bio MI Republican, RNC, Conservative, Newt Fan, NRA, Mac & iPhone, Harley, CPAC, RTL, dad of 4 boys!
Location Lansing, MIchigan
Web http://www.thatssaulf...
Other lists:  motorcycling, motorsports, politics, tcot
detroitccw Rick Ector 10,004 followers (1 on this list)
Bio NRA Appointed Training Counselor - Certified Firearms Instructor- Gun Rights Activist - Defender of Freedom - Empowering Force in my Community - Molon Labe!
Location Detroit, MI, USA
Web http://www.detroitccw...
Other lists:  counselors, guns-firearms, instructors
TPO_News Tom O'Halloran 9,755 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Child of God - Married - Gun carrying NRA Conservative - Right Winger hard Core Anti Obama (Pro America), Parrothead - #tcot #nra #iPhone
Location Las Vegas, Baby!!
Other lists:  barack-obama, guns-firearms
WomenGunOwners WomenGunOwners 5,762 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Proud American born in Texas. NRA member, Texas State HQ Director for Americac2c,member tcot, love smooth jazz, hunting, great people & yummy food!
Location Victoria
Web http://www.americac2c...
Other lists:  jazz
GarrenC Garren Christensen 5,510 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Father of 3, NRA Certified instructor, hunter, Glocks, freedom, Constitution, family values,
Location Denver, CO area
Web http://www.garrensgun...
Other lists:  latter-day-saint, scouting
FullMtlPatriot FullMetalPatriot 5,358 followers (1 on this list)
Bio (formerly Reverse_Vampyr), Conservative/libertarian, Florida Gator, blogger, cynic, gun owner/NRA, martial artist, iPhone addict. #TCOT Live free or die!
Location Dallas, Texas
Web http://fullmetalpatri...
Other lists:  guns-firearms, tcot, teaparty
AngryMobCzar annakate22 4,506 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Conservative Christian Small Business Owning NRA Supporting Freedom Loving Constitution Defending American

Other lists:  tcot, teaparty
LaurieBailey Laurie Bailey 4,010 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Patriot * TCOT * NRA * Conservative * Catholic * ProLife * Mom * Survivor *Siberian Huskies*
Location Olive Branch, MS

Other lists:  pro-life
twinelm Lynn 3,886 followers (11 on this list)
Bio Daughter of THE KING SOUNDING THE ALARM about America's direction; fiercely pro-life, NRA member GOD BLESS THE USA! #tcot #sgp
Location Heaven some call TEXAS
Web http://twinelm.blogsp...
Other lists:  christian, conservative, pro-life, texan
ConservativeLA ConservativeLA 3,679 followers (1 on this list)
Bio republitarian; NRA member sans guns; songwriter, musician; heterosexual, single; SoCal native; non-theist, love gospel bluegrass; AKA @5LA. #TCOT
Location Monrovia, California
DavidShockey David Shockey 3,632 followers
Bio Christian Dad, conservative, southern, happy, optimistic, IT professional, electrical engineer, Boy Scout Leader, NRA Life Member, TCOT, IAMTHEMOB.
Location AL
Web http://politics4all.c...
Other lists:  boy-scouts, electrical, it-professional-services, scouting
alexashrugged alexashrugged 3,526 followers (1 on this list)
Bio War on Terror-supporting, free-market-loving, global-warming-denying, NRA card-carrying, God-fearing, Rush-listening, NR-subscribing, pro-life conservative gal
Location Inside the DC Beltway
Web http://www.alexashrug...
Other lists:  conservative, politics, pro-life, tcot
robertalexander Robert Alexander 3,072 followers
Bio Avaya, Contact Center, LinkedIn, Nortel, tech, sales, iPhone, hunting, NRA, reloading, golf, Social Networking, PC Guru, Home Inspector, Microsoft OCS
Location Greenville, SC
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  contact-centers, handloading, home-inspections, honda
seanmowen seanmowen 1,548 followers
Bio Digital, social, tech, startups, challenges and successes drive me every day. Love making new connections.
Location New York City
Other lists:  advertising, branding, business, entrepreneur, marketing, seo, social-media

Other lists:  sustainability
desertsolar Debra J. McBee
Bio Member DAV, NRA - Rock scrambler, mind explorer, online markerter. Like Critters
Location Sandy Valley, Nevada. USA


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