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Nintendo-ds Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "nintendo-ds".

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gamekicker News For Gamers 16,998 followers (1 on this list)
Bio - Gaming News Rating Website for all Playstation , Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PSP, PC, Mobile Phone & Online
Location New York
Web http://www.gamekicker...
Other lists:  gamer, gaming, mobile-cell-phones, nintendo
pwn_or_die PWN or DIE 2,858 followers
Bio A place where pwning noobs is our business...literally.
Location Decatur, Illinois
Web http://www.pwnordie.c...
Other lists:  gamer, gaming, playstation
playxpert PLAYXPERT 2,563 followers
Bio PlayXpert provides gamers with the most significant in-game toolset available for PC gamers. See Examples at
Location Sandpoint, Idaho
GamerTweeter Anthony,GamerTweeter 2,033 followers
Bio where smart gamer tweeps share the latest game deals and tips for pc, xbox, ps3, wii console game systems, psp and nintendo ds portable systems
Location Dallas, TX
Web http://GamerTweeter.c...
Other lists:  gaming-deals
TwiterGamer Laurence N. Girard 1,829 followers
Bio None
Location None

Other lists:  call-of-duty
VidGamer 1,588 followers
Bio What can we say? We love video games! We have been playing them for 20+ yrs. Game trailers, game news, cheats and more about video gaming. Best Viewed 1440x900
Zinziii Zinzi Graham 1,556 followers
Bio 20. Grrrl. Photographer. Dreamer. Model. Thinker. Student. Creator. Gamer.
Location Cornwall, England.
Web http://www.facebook.c...
empireofshadows The Dragon's Lair 1,455 followers
Bio gaming games mmorpg roms emulators community
Web http://empireofshadow...
top_teen_diet Top_Teen_Diet 1,356 followers
Bio Teen Diet Experts with Free Diet and Recipe for Teens and more!
Location Florida
Other lists:  teen-help
Anti_Fox_News Beo 1,250 followers
Bio Beo, valiant freedom fighter fighting againts the evil, unfair, and unbalanced Fox News Corporation....
Location Where ever there is evil...
vidaextra vidaextra 1,216 followers
Bio Consolas y videojuegos: Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, PC, PSP, Nintendo DS.
Web http://www.vidaextra....
CherylHenderson CherylHenderson 1,151 followers
Bio I'm a homeschooling virtual assistant who loves helping & meeting new people. Thanks for stopping by!
Location Pennsylvania
Web http://www.homeschool...
Other lists:  cross-stitch
CCGamers Goldenchild 1,002 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Find the Cheapest Deals on Xbox 360 PS3 Nintendo DS Wii PSP PC Games and Gaming Consoles/Accessories
Location Chicago, IL
Web http://www.cheapcolle...
Other lists:  gamer, videogames
TexasSingleMom Kimberly 987 followers
Bio Single Texas Mom to 2 Beautiful Daughters; High School Business/Technoglogy Teacher
Location Texas
Web http://www.allaboutki...
Other lists:  k-12-teachers
MelodySutton Melody 978 followers
Location Sunny CA

Other lists:  badminton
DsBay DsBay 928 followers
Bio Online Nintendo DS Super Store
elfinha Dafne 925 followers
Bio Carioca, 25 anos, Publicitária, ♫ eclética, ♥ Rafa, ♥ Gatos, viciada em séries, Tibia, The Sims 3 + Nintendo DS + Wii!!!
Location Rio de Janeiro
nathanstarpupil Nathan 645 followers
Bio I'm a student trying to continue my education, despite my parents being laid off. I don’t expect a handout. That’s why I’m trying to promote my sites here.
Web http://dlaw09.affirmw...
AlexMcowie Alexander Nóbrega 583 followers
Bio I like lasagna and DragonBall rpg online, and Nintendo DS
Location São Paulo, Brazil

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