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Nra Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "nra".

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Torch762 John Ashford 50,920 followers
Bio Blog: Midlife Motorcycle Madness. Enjoy Everything Motorcycle Related!
Location Bedford,TX
Web http://midlifemotorcy...
Other lists:  biker, blogger, christian, conservative, firearms, motorcycle, tcot, writer
NYPDretCOP Eddie 17,109 followers
Bio Thanking God everyday! Life loving family man. Loves gadgets, old cars, tools, classic rock, politics. More about me in the extended profile link below.
Location Behind Enemy Lines - NY
Web http://www.everything...
Other lists:  christian, conservative, god, gop, jesus, tcot, teaparty
EnBloc En Bloc 264 followers
Bio Gun Enthusiast - I welcome followers with the same interest. NRA life member, supporter of our great military, husband, parent, Eddie Eagle advocate.
Location Virginia

Other lists:  ammo, firearms, guns, pistol, reloading, rifle, shootingsports, sonsofguns, topshot
randomthoughtgi Trent Lane 118 followers
Bio Just a guy offering random thoughts about stuff.
Web http://mark1616.wordp...
Other lists:  author, blogger, ccw, christian, conservative, republican, rightwing, teaparty, theology

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