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Opensource Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "opensource".

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MrLinux Andy Linux 16,771 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I was born, found out about Linux, now I am here
Location New Zealand
Other lists:  linux, linux-geeks
linuxfoundation The Linux Foundation 9,452 followers (10 on this list)
Bio A nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux. Our feed is hosting the FLTs in anticipation of their unveiling at LinuxCon
Location San Francisco, CA
Web http://www.linux-foun...
Other lists:  linux, tech
migueldeicaza Miguel de Icaza 8,924 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Software programmer, founder, Mono and Gnome projects.
Location iPhone: 40.418392,-3.707338
Other lists:  tech
cdibona Chris DiBona 7,576 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Googler, Open Source Dude, Dad
Location Los Altos, Ca
Other lists:  google, open-source, tech
timbury Tim Kissane 6,614 followers (15 on this list)
Bio Linux and Open Source consultant/speaker, owner of TimburyDotNet, techie, spiritual explorer, guitarist, dreamer. I follow back!
Location Toms River, New Jersey
Other lists:  foss, linux, motivational, speaker, spiritual, startup, tech, ubuntu, webhosting
rasmus Rasmus Lerdorf 5,816 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Breaking the Web
Location Waterloo, Ontario

Other lists:  php
galaxiecruzin Alex B 4,760 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Alex B :: Tech Geek, Sys-Admin, Linux, Programming, Homebrewing Beer, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL
Location Lancaster, PA
Web http://www.cruzintheg...
Other lists:  linux
snipeyhead snipe ツ 4,727 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Codemonkey, designer, author, speaker, blogger, swordfighter, Warcrafter, sarcasticgeek, scuba diver, blacksmith, crimefighter, Mentat, MBTI: ENTP, Totally NSFW
Location New York
Other lists:  php
whiteafrican Erik Hersman 4,653 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Where Africa and technology collide... Co-founder of Ushahidi and founder of AfriGadget
Web http://www.whiteafric...
Other lists:  africa
aswarmofangels A Swarm of Angels 4,329 followers
Bio Remixing cinema. Open source filmmaking + participatory cinema. Creator: @matthanson
Location Brighton, UK + Global
Web http://aswarmofangels...
Other lists:  community, film
hdmoore HD Moore 4,167 followers
Bio Security Research & Development
Location Austin, TX
Other lists:  security, tech
thevarguy The VAR Guy 3,727 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Covering what's next in the IT channel. The top blog for solutions providers.
Location New York (sometimes)
innovativcp Innovativ Consulting 3,651 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Kuali, Open Source and PeopleSoft solutions for the Education Industry
Location 43081
Web http://www.innovativc...
Other lists:  education, highereducation, kuali, microsoft, oracle, peoplesoft, socialmedia, twitter
gxjansen Guido Jansen 3,630 followers (6 on this list)
Bio Magento Business Architect and CAB member, Joomla, Cognitive psychologist, usability, open source evangelist
Location Utrecht
Web http://www.dandyid.or...
Other lists:  joomla, user-experience
dutchopensource Dutch Open Source 3,367 followers
Bio open sourcing The Netherlands
Location The Netherlands
Web http://www.dutchopens...
jonobacon Jono Bacon 3,217 followers (6 on this list)
Bio Ubuntu Community Manager, Author, Musician and slightly mad Brit.
Location Bay Area, California
Web http://www.jonobacon....
Other lists:  community
stonemirror David Schlesinger 3,019 followers (11 on this list)
Bio Videographer, director, audio guy, iOS developer, horror movie fan. High-tech nomad, neo-Stoic, advocate of ビンボー生活. 日本語を下手に話せますよ!
Location iPhone: 37.099087,-122.104637
Other lists:  blogger, ios, mobile, socialmedia, technology, travel, webdesign, xcode
mysql MySQL 2,911 followers (1 on this list)
Bio The World's Most Popular Open Source Database (Sun Microsystems)
timvalen Tim Valentine 2,514 followers (2 on this list)
Bio computers, software, web-dev, web-design, business online, blogging, social media, music and fitness. - Free Software Supporter (Free as in freedom) -
Location Western MA
Other lists:  blogging, computers, fitness, health, linux, socialmedia, software, webdesign, webdevelopment
glynmoody Glyn Moody 2,195 followers (6 on this list)
Bio writer (Rebel Code), journalist, blogger, mostly about the opens (source, content, access), the commons, and digital rights
Location London
Web http://opendotdotdot....
Other lists:  internet, linux


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