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Organization Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "organization".

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MarinaMartin Marina Martin 5,558 followers
Bio Type-A business efficiency consultant. Unapologetic capitalist/Libertarian/Austrian. Navigationally inept. Curmudgeon. Guinness drinker. Jaywalker. Edge case.
Location Seattle, WA
Web http://www.marinamart...
Other lists:  efficiency, intj, productivity, seattle, type-a
timage Tim Milburn 4,050 followers
Bio Me = Leadership. Work with students. Mac. Design. Writing. Speaking. Creating. Dad. Husband. P90X. Golf. Strategic. SF49ers. SFGiants. Sportscenter.
Location Eagle, ID
Other lists:  boise, culture, design, leadership, mac, productivity, resources, socialmedia, studentaffairs
rankedorg Ranked dot ORG 303 followers
Bio is a web company analysis and statistics ranking tool that offers data reports about business, organization, education and government websites.
Location Seattle, WA
Other lists:  analysis, business, educational, government, popularity, rankings, reports, statistics, websites
HudsonGuild Hudson Guild 115 followers
Bio Hudson Guild is a multi-service community center serving those who live, work, or go to school in Chelsea, with a focus on those in need.
Location Chelsea, New York City
Web http://www.hudsonguil...
Other lists:  arts, charity, children, community, education, newyorkcity, nonprofit, seo, socialjustice
AddedMojo Amanda Moore 58 followers
Bio We provide a concierge service to busy executives, self-employed professionals and corporations who believe that time is better spent working & playing hard.
Location Cape Town
Web http://www.andamojo.c...
Other lists:  capetown, concierge, corporate, entrepreneur, lifebalance, management, timesaving
ImSoOCD I’m So OCD… 10 followers
Bio A blog about UI perfection. And anything else I think up.
Location DC Metro Area
Other lists:  blog, design, gui, id, ixd, perfection, thoughts, ui, ux
katherinedimas Katherine Dimas 4 followers
Location Canada
Web http://www.katherined...
Other lists:  books, education, medialiteracy
youngdreadmafia Young Dread Mafia 3 followers
Bio Young Dread Mafia is a recognized major international street affiliated well organized group. Loved and respected by men and women like me around the world.
Location Atlanta, GA USA - Worldwide
Web http://www.youngdread...
Other lists:  celebrity, crime, gang, mafia, music, musician, news, rap, twitter
PeaOrganizing Pea Organizing 2 followers
Bio Our goal is to help you create positive ongoing change and make room in your life for the things that matter most. The Pea will get you ORGANIZED FOR LIFE!
Location Charlotte, NC
Other lists:  add, adhd, charlotte, cltbiz, hoarding, productivity
recordontime Record on Time
Bio Big eyes and an even bigger stomach for technology.
Location Toronto, Canada
Web http://www.recordonti...
Other lists:  business, organizing, project-management, projectmanagement, projects, software, task-management, taskmanagement, technology

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