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Partying Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "partying".

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IAmAntJones Åñťħờñƴ 歐塞爾 Jǿñëş™ 2,892 followers
Bio Actor, Graphic Designer, I'm the Entertainer that the world asked for....I been thru Lifes struggle and striving to Succeed in this world!! #YoungAndWise
Location Detroit and Er'where else!
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  graphics, love, money, music, quotes, realtalk
SpliffMeister SplïffMeïst☆r™ 2,593 followers
Bio yep. I'm the bee's knees.- Niggas be Schemin, 102% #Hustlr (no typo) ... #fcblive #UKallDay
Location Irrelevant

Other lists:  alcohol, cars, comedy, girls, hiphop, laughing, marijuana, music, weed
eJAKEulation eJAKEulation 622 followers
Bio To beat the villain, be the better villain. Ask 4 follow back. Proud benefactor. Followed by 2 celebs and @GregGShore replied to me (not that I'm keeping score)
Location Newcastle

Other lists:  family, funny, gay, gossip, law, psychology, socialising, teamfollowback, wit
davecostantini DC 333 followers
Bio I'm Dave Costantini, homey. [artist,photographer,videographer,promoter,sexgod] reppin #sigmachi, #teamblack #collegecrew \m/
Location New Jersey
Other lists:  extreme, frat, hiphop, music, networking, newjersey, photography, skateboarding, video
bellamuhalimmah Bella Muhalimmah 323 followers
Bio Filmmaker and photography addict.
Location Indonesia
Web http://bellamuhalimma...
Other lists:  filming, huntingtastyfoods, music, photography, playingagame, traveling
bipolarchick BipolarChick 200 followers
Bio We all go a little crazy sometimes...
Location Tulsa, OK
Web http://bipolarchick.n...
Other lists:  bipolar, blogging, cannabis, marijuana, mentalhealth, music, pagan, roadtrips, writing
TheAdJerk The Ad Jerk 72 followers
Bio Brutally attacking bad advertising and marketing practices
Location Everywhere
Web http://www.theadjerk....
Other lists:  advertising, business, consulting, critics, entrepreneur, marketing, media, socialmedia, television
KillinThemx3 Alicia DeLuca 31 followers
Bio Alicia Nicole ~ A smart girl listens , but doesnt believe . Kisses but doesn't fall in love ; And leaves b e f o r e she is left . ♥ #TEAMFOLLOWBACK
Location Connecticut
Web http://callmebhaddbxt...
Other lists:  amazing, beautiful, fantastic, friends, fun, guidette, laughing, music, sexy
EvolutionXXII Jessi Chaos♥ 27 followers
Bio “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe
Location Long Island, NY

Other lists:  awesomeness, beach, dancing, football, friends, life, music, newyork, teamfollowback
CaLYVfornia Forever Alyvia 13 followers
Bio A rose growing through concrete.
Location NorCal

Other lists:  autofollow, clubbing, eating, food, internet, talking, teamfollowback, texting, tv

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