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Personal-organization Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "personal-organization".

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TheBigKlosowski Allen Klosowski 65,120 followers
Bio Allen Klosowski is a professional photographer based in Denver, Colorado. DenverTweetup organizer.
Location Denver, CO
Web http://k2photostudio....
Other lists:  photographer, photographers, photography, professional-photography
chadfowler Chad Fowler 53,899 followers
Bio author, programmer, teacher, runner(?!), musician, speaker, conference organizer
Location Boulder, CO
Other lists:  conferences-events, musician, programming, software
getbuttonedup Buttoned Up ! 23,399 followers (1 on this list)
Bio We are an organizational lifestyle company dedicated to helping you get more done by successfully organizing less!
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://www.getbuttone...
Other lists:  lifestyles, mom, parenting, product-design
DutchKarin Karin 21,653 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Organizing, Writing, Social media marketing, Web 2.0, and working from home.
Location Riverside
spwelch Sarah Welch 12,684 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Co-founder Buttoned Up, dreamer, mom, product developer, design addict, yo-yo organizer
Location New York
Web http://www.getbuttone...
Other lists:  mompreneur, product-design
chrisheuer Chris Heuer 11,249 followers
Bio Social Media Club Founder, Living in Abundance Economy, Speaker, Community Organizer, Creative Media Technologist & Friend
Location San Francisco, CA
Web http://www.chrisheuer...
Other lists:  abundance, community-building, social-software, socialmedia
SheilaCWright Sheila Wright 8,503 followers
Bio I sell the Richway Amethyst BioMat. This FDA approved healing mat is particularly helpful to Baby Boomers and seniors.
Location BC, Canada, California USA
Web http://BioMatForHealt...
Other lists:  feng-shui, health
MyOLCEA Jessica DeYoung 8,368 followers
Bio Organizing your Lifestyle Conveniently, Efficiently, and Affordably
Location Franklin, TN
StephCalahan Stephanie LH Calahan 8,084 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Speaker • Productivity Expert • Coach • Lover-of-Life • Increasing UR focus • Problem Solver • Prioritize, Organize, Simplify - have more time to live life!
Location Illinois
Web http://www.productive...
Other lists:  productivity, professional-organizers, quality-of-life
clutterdiet Lorie Marrero 7,985 followers
Bio Professional Organizer, CPO®, Author, Speaker, Spokesperson, Creator of, NAPO member, Mom, Wife
Location Austin, TX
Web http://www.clutterdie...
Other lists:  professional-organizers
mlchawaii Mona Clemons 7,143 followers
Bio Visionary, Mom First, Entreprenuer, Karaoke Wannabe, Student of Life, Ebayholic, Charitable, Biz Organizer, Boldly Witty & Wise
Location Hawaii
Web http://www.mlchawaii....
Other lists:  karaoke
margaretworkman Margaret Workman 6,929 followers
Bio I love life and my wonderful family, I am realtor,organizer, consultant, mother and wife. A friend to many and I love networking.
Location Lexington Kentucky
E_Wall Eric Wall 6,673 followers
Bio I am an online political operative, GOP Secretary/Outreach Coord./Precinct Dev/eCampaign Director, libertarian Republican analyst/strategist from NW Florida.
Location Panama City, Florida
Web http://bcflrec.blogsp...
Other lists:  republican
sweetmandarin Lisa Tse 6,369 followers
Bio Sweet Mandarin -Award Winning Restaurant & Cookery School. Read our book too. Manchester Tweet Up @sweetmandarin on 29 Sept 5 till 8pm. Follow me.
Location Manchester, UK
Web http://www.sweetmanda...
iboughtamac Brent Spore 5,786 followers
Bio Designer, Creator, Inspire(r). Lover of friends, cooking, experiencing new things. Maker of stuff. Organizer of PodCamp AZ. Bought a Mac
Location Bacchus Wine Made Simple (US)
Other lists:  apple
LeahEggers Leah Eggers 28 followers
Bio An organized life isn't about being perfect – it's about being peaceful. A little advance planning goes a long way.
Location Boston, MA
Web http://www.logistical...
Other lists:  blogger, blogging, home, mommyblogger, philanthropy, professional-organizers, writer
benjaminspector Benjamin Spector
Bio 60 yr old, devoted husband, loving servant to 2 cats, Obama Democrat, progressive, political activist, organizer, creative writer, free thinker, Jewish atheist.
Location Tehran, Iran
Web http://www.newpolitic...
Other lists:  atheist, barack-obama, democrat, judaism
addSpace addSpace (1 on this list)
Bio Certified Professional Organizer and Image Consultant
Location San Diego
Web http://www.addspaceto...
Other lists:  image-consultant, professional-organizers

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