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People who have been tagged with the keyword "planning".

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CollinDouma Collin Douma 29,913 followers
Bio Mix 1 part each Creative Director, PR consultant, Digital Strategy and you get me, VP Social Media @ Proximity BBDO wondering what would Brian Eno do?
Location Toronto
Web http://www.radicaltru...
Other lists:  advertising, followback, marketing, publicrelations, socialmedia, socialmediamarketing, strategy, trends
Rick_Now Rick Liebling 4,632 followers (6 on this list)
Bio Sr. Social Media Planner at Dare. Arsenal fan.
Location NJ/NY
Web http://www.rickliebli...
Other lists:  advertising, arsenal, branding, marketing, pr, publicrelations, soccer, socialmedia, sportsmarketing
apfind APFIND 3,270 followers (11 on this list)
Bio Inspired by Digg™, APFIND is a place where planners/marketers can share and vote on news stories and ideas. Join us by posting your stories to
Location New York
Other lists:  accountplanners, accountplanning, advertising, branding, brandplanners, marketing, newmedia, socialmedia, strategy
CompassCoaching Doug Edgar 3,051 followers
Bio Business consultant, author, blogger, golfer, traveler, community volunteer, here for conversation, exchanging ideas, learning and fun!
Location British Columbia
Web http://compass-strate...
Other lists:  business, coaching, leadership, strategy
DavidGutting David Gutting 2,414 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Account planner, head of strategy at Adamson, dad, Cardinals fan, dog lover,writer
Location St. Louis MO
Web http://www.AdvertiseO...
Other lists:  accountplanning, advertising, creative, insight, media, strategy
Anngelica Anngelica 2,377 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Strategist and trend spotter fascinated by all things digital. House music fanatic. Inspired by great creative. Married to a man who has never lost a sock.
Location New York, NY
Web http://www.anngelica....
Other lists:  advertising, branding, branding-strategy, marketing, newmedia, pr, publicrelations, socialmedia, technology
thetombrasgroup The Tombras Group 1,840 followers
Bio Street smart marketing. Award-winning creative. Digital-centric advertising & PR.
Location Knoxville, TN
Other lists:  creativedesignpros, design, entrepeneur, internetmarketing, marketing, newmedia, prsa, recruiting, socialmedia
cleoparker Cleo Parker 1,439 followers
Bio Consumer Insights, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Strategy, Social Media, Dogs, Toastmasters, Crafts, Bicycling
Location Livonia Michigan USA
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  dogs, futureofresearch, mind-mapping, toastmasters-international
thompulliam Thom Pulliam 1,094 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Brand & Consumer Connector @dwh. #INTJ interested in brands, human nature, innovation, technology, media, trend hunting, and culture.
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://www.thompullia...
Other lists:  advertising, grady, media, strategy, uga
ForzaMigliozzi Forza Migliozzi 775 followers (2 on this list)
Bio advertising + brand content agency, dedicated to defying conventional methods to create, discover and implement new approaches to reaching the consumer.
Location Hollywood, CA
Web http://www.forzamigli...
Other lists:  advertising, branding, business, crowdsourcing, design, entrepreneur, marketing, media, socialmedia
nielsbenson Niels Benson 590 followers
Bio -logisch. -logic
Location Cologne
Web http://www.openexpert...
Other lists:  designthinking
garyst3in Gary Stein 549 followers (3 on this list)
Bio VP, Social Media, ISOBAR
Location San Francisco, CA

Other lists:  advertising, cycling, sanfrancisco, socialmedia, strategy
thinkSMARTplan Molly E Smith 464 followers
Bio thinkSMART planning, inc. celebrates and encourages excellent school facilities through expert educational facility planning.
Location Southwestern US
Web http://www.thinksmart...
Other lists:  architecture, design, edtech, education, k12, learning, schools, teacher, technology
Plannerzone Earl Wilcox 440 followers (4 on this list)
Bio In a world of brand advocates I am a people advocate.
Location Philadelphia
Web http://www.plannerzon...
Other lists:  cinema, collaboration, movies, philosophy, socialmedia, strategy, venturecapital, wimax, writing
radioactivemed Jeff Pollak 359 followers
Bio To work on behalf of our clients in prescribing a non-biased mix of radio stations/networks to drive more sales, while delivering a high caliber of service.
Location Orange County, CA
Web http://www.radioactiv...
Other lists:  advertising, marketing, radio
Slightly_Random Thom Binding 352 followers
Bio Social Planner by trade. Social enabler by night. Three pint pool shark. Making socialness at @SpreadingJam (Engine Group), London.
Location London, UK
Web http://slightly-rando...
Other lists:  advertising, digital, marketing, socialmedia
MediaBuzzWire MediaBuzz 324 followers
Bio MediaBuzz is a social network for marketing/pr/advertising professionals; find us at

Other lists:  adagency, copywriters, emailmarketing, internet-marketing, marketing, newmedia, publicrelations, seomarketing, socialmedia
RobMeyerson Rob Meyerson 319 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Brand Strategist
Location Shanghai, China
Web http://www.semanticar...
Other lists:  accountplanning, branding, brandstrategy, marketing
tobiaswacker Tobias Wacker 296 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Strategist bringing brands from A to B. Exploring Digital- & Innovation Marketing, Business Creativity and Marketing Intelligence. Enthusiast.
Location Helsinki, Finland
Web http://unbranding.blo...
Other lists:  advertising, branding, digital, socialmedia
RunningTheShow In the Know 265 followers
Bio The premier social networking and resource site for administrative professionals.
Location San Francisco, CA
Web http://www.adminsecre...
Other lists:  officesupplies, paralegals, travel, virtual-assistants


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