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Priestess Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "priestess".

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lydiahdearddhu Lydiah de Arddhu 14,874 followers
Bio I'm a witch, a priestess of the Arddhurian Tradition. A bisexual and plus size woman. I'm a mom and a writer. Discover my thoughts and enjoy the experience!
Location Brasil
Web http://lydiahdearddhu...
Other lists:  witch, writer
BeatnikBetty Bethany Aradia Moore 1,378 followers
Bio beatnik poet, Pagan priestess, tarot card reader, vocalist, PR & media maven, DJ, writer & activist with a messiah-complex.
Location Portland, OR
Web http://beatnik.budrea...
lovingenergy Laura Turner 1,275 followers
Bio Energy healing, Pet Care, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Promoter of Peace, Priestess of Higher Living, health, LOA, real estate investing
Location San Diego, CA
Other lists:  enterpreneur
marymalinski Mary Malinski 1,245 followers
Bio Mary is learning marketing, is a creative sewer, healer and priestess.
Location Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Web http://www.WalksWithi...
annkeelerevans Ann Keeler Evans 1,189 followers
Bio Writer-Preacher-Wedding Priestess-Celebration Queen-Hospice Lounge Singer-Everpresent Diva
Location Lewisburg, PA, USA
Web http://www.annkeelere...
Other lists:  hospice
MorgaineSwann Morgaine Swann 978 followers
Bio Progressive Political Blogger ; Bipolar Poet-Painter-Priestess; APPLE/MAC fanatic; Witch with a captal W
Location Eastern, KY
Web http://the-goddess.or...
Other lists:  activist, art, blogger, feminist, pagan, trueblood
VampireLibby Vampire Libby Hodges 951 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Vampire High Priestess Libby Hodges: age 42, single, loving, fun, Loves: God, Vampires/ Donors, Dogs, Horror/Science Fiction, Punk Rock, Energy, People!
Location Conyers, Georgia
Other lists:  donor, energyworkers, family, friends, lycans, therians, vampire, vampires, witches
TheGoddessMaya The Goddess Maya 703 followers
Bio Tarot Reader/Medium/SpellCrafter/Priestess of Vodoun
Location Washington,D.C.
Web http://mayakali.webed...
KimbakatDesign K I M B A K A T 695 followers
Bio NYC INFO YES Pic is me-Cancun • NYC Graphic Design and Presentations • Mac Goddess • High Priestess of (Mac Archivist) yes, I have OS 9 software in stock •
Location New York City
Web http://www.kimbakat.c...
Selena_Fox Selena Fox 485 followers
Bio Nature priestess, writer, environmentalist, spiritual counselor, speaker on celebrating Seasons, Wiccan & Pagan ways, Interfaith, Shaman rituals, Witch lore.
Location Oak Forest in Wisconsin
Web http://www.selenafox....
Other lists:  shamanism, wedding-officiants
OrgasmicLiving Nut Tmu-Ankh ☥ 443 followers
Bio afrakan mom, priestess, diva, Orgasmic alkhamist and healers healer ☥
Location Urth(mostly)
Web http://thetempleofwom...
AmberLyssaMarie AmberLyssaPalowakski 413 followers
Bio Wife to Abigail Raymaker-Palowakski, Neo-Victorian Caledon Baroness, Faerie Princess, High Priestess of Asherah and Yahweh, Wiccan
Location Caledon Stormhold (Second Life
witchcraftmagic Marcy 404 followers
Bio High Priestess helping people enhance their lives with the use of witchcraft magic spells and relationship advice
Location usa
Web http://www.Witchcraft...
HouseWench Lu:Na 390 followers
Bio Slave. Priestess. Pro-Domme. Hippie. Businesswoman.
Web http://oncemoreplease...
womenriseup ALisa Starkweather 375 followers
Bio ALisa Starkweather, founder of Priestess Path, Daughters of the Earth Gatherings, Red Tent Temple Movement, Women's Belly and Womb Conf., and Women in Power
Location Massachusetts
Web http://www.alisastark...
inaradeluna (1 on this list)

Other lists:  spirituality
ThisStarChild Countess Starchild
Bio Donna Forte of The Twitter-Illegitimati.Copy and paste- Capricious; confusing; (sometimes confused); impossible; entertaining; and ridiculous.
Location God's Garden
Web http://aineyeharmnone...
rootwomin (1 on this list)


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