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Punk Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "punk".

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themergeshow The Merge 1,301 followers
Bio The Merge and The Merge OUTLOUD. Christian Rock/R and B Music TV Shows. NRB Network, Direct TV 378 and Sky Angel 126 in the USA. Or Click above- watch online.
Location Chicago
Web http://www.themergesh...
Other lists:  christian, hiphop, metalcore, pop, randb, rock
zkdog Robby Dollar 795 followers
Bio Network admin/engineer and technology aficionado looking to meet new people every day =) I also play the drums, video games, love to fish and grill.
Location Tallahassee, FL

Other lists:  autofollow, comedy, drumming, it, jeep, jokes, music, sailing, windows
666Tristania666 666Tristania666 506 followers
Bio I have an offer for you to Gothic Gloves fingerless, Necklace and clothing. Original Custom Manufacturing. Link to my new Etsy Store. All of my production.
Other lists:  clothing, cosplay, etsy, fashion, goth, gothic, lolita, steampunk, victorian
laterdaysrock Later Days 362 followers
Bio Four Rad Dudes Who Love To Rock
Location Malibu, CA
Other lists:  artists, bands, celebrities, concerts, la, music, musicians, pop, rock
CreepyQueen CreepyQueen Magazine 290 followers
Bio The creepier side of the web.
Location Online and Print
Web http://www.creepyquee...
Other lists:  alternative, burlesque, crafts, etsy, fashion, gothic, magazine, rockabilly
BRQuintana Brian Quintana 219 followers
Bio *Rubs head* Caffeine headache
Other lists:  advertising, blogging, boulder, copywriting, denver, marketing, music, skateboarding, socialmedia
HaremRoyal Harem Royal 192 followers
Bio ★ It's beyond my control
Location Glitter & Doom
Other lists:  costumejewelry, fantasy, medieval
hcklbrry Jordan Martin 176 followers
Bio I'm sorry Mrs. Jackson...
Location Los Angeles
Web http://hcklbrrydidit....
Other lists:  art, comics, film, movies, music, scripts, skate, tumblr, writing
eraserheadache jon drahn 64 followers
Bio Graphic Designer, Artist, MacPhreak, Family Man
Other lists:  apple, art, entrepreneur, ipod, mac-geeks, macintosh, paint, postpunk, watercolor
bankruptrocks Bankrupt 29 followers
Bio Melodic punk rock with a touch of punkabilly
Location Budapest
Other lists:  music, rock
Broken_Liberty BrokenLibertyRecords 29 followers
Bio Philadelphia punk rock.
Location Philadelphia
Web http://www.brokenlibe...
Other lists:  diy, hardcore, hardcoremusic, philadelphia, punkrock, recordlabel, undergroundmusic
punkerkas Kas 27 followers
Bio I'm a nursing student who's way on the strange side
Location Springfield, MO
Web http://www.punkerkas....
Other lists:  altered, bags, clothes, crochet, etsy, hats, scarves, vintage
thekrankdaddies chops mcclintock 17 followers
Bio RAW RIPPIN ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Location chicago
Other lists:  band, greasers, guitar, live-music, music, psychobilly, rebels, rock, rockabilly
B_and_C_Band Ball & Chain 15 followers
Bio Shredding the San Fernando Valley since 2005.
Location San Fernando Valley, CA
Other lists:  labands, lamusicscene, losangeles, music, poppunk, punkrock, ska
GothGirlsClub Goth Girls Club 11 followers
Bio Gote Frauen Klub + die Krypta #Goth #Gote #Gotische #Steampunk #Vampyre #BatArmy #Emo #Cybergoth #Cybrax
Location Berlin, Germany
Web http://www.gothgirlsc...
Other lists:  emo, goth, gothic, steampunk, vampire
JohnnyVicious1 Johnny Vicious 10 followers
Bio Pirate, Punk, Tattooist, Assclown extraordinaire, cheap scotch connesuir, free thinker....
Location ÜT: 41.774989,-70.635413

Other lists:  assclown, piercing, post-punk, tattoo
dieghorodri Dieghoo Rodri 3 followers
Bio Fb.
Other lists:  cine, entertainment, music, photography, politics, rock

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