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Python Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "python".

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raduboncea Radu Boncea 26,123 followers (1 on this list)
Bio programmer,pythonist,java,C,erlang noob,layer 4-5,tech geek,system engineer,blogger,apple fan,cloud computing otaku,datacenter,datagrid,hitech gadgeteer,father
Location Bucharest, Romania, EU
Other lists:  cloud-computing, datacenters, engineers, geek, itnews, java, science, tech, technology
MarkoManninen Marko Manninen 10,513 followers
Bio Finland, Leo 1975, Web Application Developer (PHP, Python), 12 String Guitar Player/Composer, Macs, Nikon D70, Rosy Cross, Run, Taiji, Entrepreneur ★★★★★
Location Helsinki
Other lists:  composer, php
amyiris Amy Iris 6,176 followers
Bio Semantic Web, Python, A.I., Programming, Ruby, Twitter API, Wisdom of Crowds, Singularity, Web Apps, Experimenter
Location Cincinnati Ohio
Web http://chat.amyiris.c...
Other lists:  ruby, semantic-web
Nenad Nenad Ristic 4,350 followers (1 on this list)
Bio An entrepreneur, a coder, an adventurer, a visionary, a father, a husband, a roleplayer, a mage... Tomorrow, I might be something else.
Location Somewhere you cannot look
Web http://surfinggooglew...
Other lists:  bloggers, coder, gamer, googlewave, java, twitter
Trik Patrick 3,282 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I luxuriously sold out to trade the rat race for a passion. Sammiches. Yep, if your software sammich can be built in Python, I can do it.
Location Twin Cities, MN USA
diefenbach Kai Diefenbach 2,907 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Developer using Python, Django, Zope, Plone
Location iPhone: 50.963440,11.085907
Other lists:  geek
richardstafford Richard Stafford 2,541 followers
Bio Father of 2, IT Marketing @ SYNNEX, Christian, Youth sports coach, Moviephile, Buckeye nut, Monty Python nut
Location ÜT: 37.867652,-122.03932
DreamInCode Dream.In.Code 2,431 followers
Bio The #1 Programming Help Community! 200,000+ Members. C++, Java, VB6, VB.NET, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, more...
Location The Intertubes
Web http://www.dreamincod...
pytweetbot pytweetbot 2,260 followers
Bio python bot, just for educational purposes. I promise no spam!!! Goal = neural net to suggest people to follow (in development). I appreciate the help!
_hb helloBabul 2,075 followers
Bio [Java, Python, Django, Ruby] [Software, Restaurants, Property] [WebTV, IPTV, Distributed Systems, Social Media] [Entreprenuerism,]
Location UK
mrtopf Christian Scholz 1,904 followers
Bio Virtual Worlds and Open Source advocate, Data Portability Project Board Member, Python/Zope/Plone developer
Location Aachen, Germany
Other lists:  virtual-worlds
pythonquotes Monty Python 1,805 followers
Bio I Tweet Monty Python quotes. And now for something completely different. (I will not follow you if you are a spammer. I DON'T LIKE SPAM!!!)
Location The Fish Tank
Web http://www.pythonline...
thunderror Rohit 1,729 followers
Bio Chartered Accountant, Technophile, IT consultant, web 2.0 enthusiast, loves Symbian, Python and programming. Subscribe to
Location Chennai, India
FreshDigits Munna™ 1,696 followers
Bio Student. Love php, python, java, web designing, blogging & photography. (Hardcore) joomla & OpenSource junkie. DM me if u need any help on joomla...
Location Manchester, United Kingdom
DougVos Doug Vos 1,652 followers
Bio Big IT guy. Overactive brain. Innovator. Ps 1. Ps 127. Happily married. 5 kids. Deacon. Musician. Architect. Rebol. Ruby. Python. HTML. CSS.
Location Dearborn, MI
MarcelChastain Marcel Chastain 1,644 followers
Bio Serial Entrepreneur in the making (Watch Closely). Web 2.0, Python, Programming, Internet Marketing, Offline Advertising, Direct Mail.
Location Redlands, CA
Paskalg Jozsef Gugan 1,635 followers (1 on this list)
Bio 1949
Location Budapest

Other lists:  googlebuzz, groovy, php
Oaa Antoine Angot 1,624 followers
Bio Addicted to Web technos especially with languages such as C# , Python, Ruby. Ria with silverlight , but also J2EE, SOA, SQL , UML & Sharepoint
Location Paris
Web http://www.facebook.c...
CatsEyeDesign Bob Dunn 1,478 followers
Bio WordPress addict, designer, social media fanatic, crackberry, fervent networker, optimistic fool, loves Monty Python, LOL comedy and all creatures.
Location Tacoma and Seattle, WA
Web http://www.catseyemar...
Other lists:  wordpress
Aki_Iskandar Aki Iskandar 1,463 followers
Bio Entrepreneur, marketer, Python programmer, AI researcher (novice), pilot, husband, and father.
Location Olmsted Falls, OH
Web http://aki.iskandar.u...


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