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Relaxation Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "relaxation".

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Andrew_Johnson Andrew Johnson 41,881 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Relaxation * Control * Creation. Self Help Apps, MP3s, CDs and Workshops.
Location Scotland. UK
Web http://www.withAndrew...
Other lists:  applications, health, iphone, reiki, therapy-therapists
twitmeditation Learn Meditation 29,364 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Follow me if you are into Meditation, Tranquility, Relaxation and want to learn how you can apply it towards making dramatic changes to your life!
Location London, England, UK

Other lists:  meditation
twimeditation Meditation 18,569 followers
Bio Follow me if you are into Meditation, Tranquility, Relaxation or controlling more of your mind. I will give regular tips and ideas. You may also share ideas!
Location London, UK

Other lists:  meditation
AffirmYourLife Che Garman 9,373 followers (1 on this list)
Bio My passion is creating empowering affirmations! My mission is to inspire you to achieve your dreams. Come and help yourself at Affirm Your Life.
Location Blackpool, UK
Web http://affirmyourlife...
Other lists:  lawofattraction, selfimprovement, wellbeing
fertilefoods Fertile Foods 9,009 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Nutrition adviser Kathryn Flynn on using the healing benefits of whole foods, exercise and relaxation for balanced living before, during and after pregnancy.
Web http://fertilefoods.c...
Other lists:  nutrition, pregnancy-maternity, women
dynamicdaphne Daphne Clarke-Hudson 8,443 followers
Bio Retreat Facilitator: Provide enrichment, empowerment,recognition and relaxation retreats
Location USA / North East
Web http://www.clarkehuds...
Other lists:  empowerment, facilitators
brainwavetweets Brainwave Architect 7,402 followers (3 on this list)
Bio At BWA mind matters. What excites us is the use of meditation to promote brain fitness. BWA creates audio programs using guided imagery & brainwave entrainment.
Location Managed by Lynn Fishman RN
Other lists:  brain, braintraining, brainwave, breathing, guidedimagery, meditation, mindbodyfitness, mindfulness, stress
Greatbearwoman Linda Winterton 5,909 followers
Bio Spiritual Seeker and Teacher,Coach/Counselor specializing in stress mgmt. for female entrepreneurs. DM for your complimentary consultation.
Location Midland, Ontario, Canada
Other lists:  empowerment, inspirational, stress-management
satori_zen SatoriZen Meditation 5,579 followers
Bio Meditation is a mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the reflexive, thinking mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. Namaste...
Location Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Other lists:  meditation
AdamWilliss Adam Williss 5,265 followers
Bio San Clemente martial arts teacher specializing in street-specific, functional training for adults. Wing Chun Magazine founder.
Location San Clemente, CA
Web http://www.martialart...
markreese33 Mark Reese 4,994 followers
Bio To Sum Up Myself... Professional Relaxation Artist, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Self-Made Millionaire, And Mentor To Those Wanting To Acheive Success
Location California
EvesHealing Shafiya Eve 4,283 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Reiki Master/Teacher, EFT Coach. EFT phone sessions 804-580-0702. Meditation, Energy book-cd. Healing the root cause.
Location Kinsale, Virginia
Web http://www.healingeve...
Other lists:  healing
marcwilson77 Marc W. 4,101 followers
Bio Get My FREE DVD that Reveals How I've been Quietly Earning 25k plus Monthly by Mailing Simple Little Letters!
Location Gulf Coast
Web http://SimpleCashSecr...
Other lists:  air-force
Insomnia_Hypno InsomniaHypnotherapy 4,010 followers
Bio Information and links about the treatment of insomnia with hypnotherapy.
Location worldwide
Web http://www.melbournec...
Other lists:  mental-health
freemeditate meditation society 3,895 followers (6 on this list)
Bio all are welcome to join our spiritual social network: connect with group meditations near you, create your own group, share free meditation mp3s etc
Location australia
Web http://freemeditate.o...
Other lists:  inspiration, love, meditate, meditation, mindfulness, peace, simplicity, spiritual, spirituality
stressless Cecil McIntosh 3,464 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Stress Management: Spiritual Relaxation Coach converts fear & anger into peace & power. Secret TIPS and tools 4 managing stress into success revealed…
Location Canada
Web http://emptyyourcup.c...
Other lists:  cancer-awareness, fear, lifestyle
tamarackbeach Sarah Lee Hope 1,887 followers
Bio Tamarack Beach Resort is directly across from the Carlsbad beach with most rooms having private patios and full ocean view. Truly A Touch of Paradise
Location Carlsbad, CA
Web http://www.tamarackre...
Other lists:  beach, california, carlsbad, hotel, meeting, ocean, resort, travel, views
serenityplace Shamara Long 207 followers
Bio I LoVe MaSSaGe :o)
Location Atlanta, GA
Web http://www.myserenity...
Other lists:  atlanta, georgia, hotstonemassage, lmt, massage, prenatalmassage, reflexology, spa, thingstodoinatlanta
honeycattweets Honeycat 73 followers
Bio None
Location None

Other lists:  beauty, gifts, women
Sleep_Com Sleep.Com 11 followers
Bio Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about sleep. Send us sleep-related pics @sleep_com

Other lists:  advice, health, online, rest, sleep, sleepapnea, sleeping, snoring


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