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Satire Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "satire".

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brooksbayne brooks bayne 110,001 followers (2 on this list)
Bio satirist, entrepreneur, technologist, music producer, melter of faces utilizing molten guitar riffs, slayer of myth, debunker of hogwash. american. foodie.
Location two weeks from everywhere
Other lists:  celebrity, conservative, entrepreneur, foodie, guitar, music, politics, socialmedia, tcot
mrrelic Mike D Laxton 28,916 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Social Media Junkie. Like the odd ball humor, satire, stuff that makes you start to think in different ways.
Location East Coast
Web http://www.tweetfreek...
Other lists:  humor
stijbob Jm Bob 25,009 followers
Bio Stumble #Media #News #Politics & Comedy #Google+ #Facebook #Xeemee and #EmpireAvenue. London
Location London
Other lists:  comedy, entertainment, media, news, twitter
r2tweet Mike Laxtan 24,545 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Social Media Junkie. Like the odd ball humor, satire, stuff that makes you start to think in different ways.
Location East Coast Canada
Web http://www.tweetfreek...
Other lists:  humor
tweetdistrict Mike Laxten 22,720 followers
Bio Order from chaos, good luck on that?
Location East Coast

Other lists:  humor
ConnorTraut Connor Traut 22,577 followers (1 on this list)
Bio CEO of TrautFinancial, Former President of the Teen Leadership Council, 2011 Ladera Ranch Volunteer of the Year & Age 17 High School Student (Senior)
Location Southern California
Web http://www.MrStockTip...
Other lists:  businessman, comedian, comedy, funny, government, leader, political, politician, politics
TheUserPool Jason X 21,662 followers (1 on this list)
Bio You might call me a technology geek... I'm also the guy fucking your wife at work.
Location Los Angeles
Other lists:  blogger, blogging, humor, technology, writer, writing
FollowCat Tobias 8,145 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Cat who enjoys sleeping, eating, playing with ping pong ball (at 3:00AM), belly rubs, running water...did I mention sleeping or eating yet?
Location Flat On My Back

Other lists:  animals, cats, catswhotwitter, comedy, entertainment, humor, pet-food, pet-stores, pets
JibJab JibJab Media Inc. 7,483 followers
Bio eCards, funny animations and political satire
Location Venice, CA
Other lists:  video
thedailymash The Daily Mash 5,609 followers
Bio Britain's most popular satire website
Location The internet
Web http://www.thedailyma...
mrbrown Kinmun Lee 5,451 followers
Bio father of 3, Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, traveler, podcaster, tv host and boss of new media content company. Loves gadgets and bicycle commuting.
Location Singapore
Other lists:  biking, humor
eportlow Ernest Portlow 5,021 followers
Bio Ret. U of Chi, USAF 65-69, likes science, technology, philosophy, cosmology, married 41 yrs and great son.
Location Chicago, IL
Web http://portlowscompla...
Other lists:  books, computers, hydepark, politics, progressive, science, socialjustice, technology, writing
bondwooley Bondwooley 4,298 followers
Bio Creators of the social satire series, The Lester and Charlie Show
Location New York City
Web http://www.bondwooley...
Other lists:  humor
HenriettaHughes Henrietta Hughes 3,731 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Conservative drawing a line in the sand against the entitlement culture that is choking this great nation thru spoof & satire! MAFIA=UNFOLLOW
Location Fort Myers, FL
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  conservative
ErbilK Erbil Kücük 3,273 followers
Bio work at social services photography art movies satire NIHILIST ATHEIST not prejudice insult everyone love ancient societies prefer people out of the ordinary
Location xxx
Other lists:  ancient, art, atheist, follow4follow, instantfollowback, movies, nihilist, philosophy, teamfollowback
SeanVanity Sean Vanity 3,240 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Eloquent Political Satire - - - Ranked #1 in UK!
Location Glendale Arizona
Web http://SeanVanity.Com
Other lists:  crazy
murphed murphed 2,645 followers
Bio I am a Blog Engineer and Satire Strategy Architect
Location Addison, TX
HarryLyme Harry☮Lyme【ツ】 2,560 followers
Bio Satirist,Twitter Artist/ Philosopher, Author of Yogi with the Mirrored Ass: The Various Paths To Self-Discovery and Babies are Like Transistors that Pay Taxes
Location Chicago, IL
Other lists:  texas
selfdeprecate Jason Parker 2,403 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Political Humor / Satire / News - Pragmatic Progressive - Political Science nut - I dream of Democratic Socialism #tcr
Location Savannah, Ga
Web http://selfdeprecate....
Other lists:  comedy, humor, media, news, obama, parody, political, politics, progressive
newmatilda newmatilda 2,326 followers
Bio Independent news, analysis and satire
Location Australia


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