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Sci-fi Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "sci-fi".

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fringemajority Dekker Dreyer 20,480 followers
Bio Writer / director, visual artist.
Location Behind you!
Web http://www.dekkerdrey...
Other lists:  anime, authors, books, films, geek, media, movies, nerd, tv
LeeGimenez Lee Gimenez 1,739 followers
Location Atlanta, Georgia USA
Web http://www.leegimenez...
Other lists:  author, authors, books, marketing, sciencefiction, scifi, socialmedia, writers, writing
jfpeji Julián Pérez 1,181 followers
Bio Writer of science fiction, fantasy literature, poetry and articles. Blogger&Geek.Future engineer. I am currently developing a space simulator for Solar System.
Location Spain
Web http://jfpeji.blogspo...
Other lists:  blogger, books, fantasy-literature, geek, journalism, literature, screenwriters, writers, writing
TinmanTDS Liberty Valance 959 followers
Bio Music reviewer and Blogging machine for Turning Down the Suck. Whiskey drinking,shotgun shooting,zombie killin,Bluegeass lovin,video game playing son of a gun
Location Hogtown, Ontario
Other lists:  blogger, homemade, horror, marketing, movies, music, robots, tv, zombies
leapetra Mari Miniatt 807 followers (1 on this list)
Bio My debut novel Fledgling is out now. A dark, urban, vampire fantasy. No sparkles and plenty of blood. Also a retail drone, mother, wife, and loves good rock.
Location Central New York
Other lists:  fantasy, horror, indeauthor, urban-fantasy, vampires, writing
HoppingFun Lorraine Hopping 363 followers
Bio Author (Bone Detective, 40+ others), multimedia writer, game designer (Mars 2020, NOVA True Science, Top Dog), tweeting about transmedia, publishing, game biz.
Web http://www.hoppingfun...
Other lists:  author, boardgames, editor, gamedesign, gamesindustry, publishing, writer
NewMovieBuzz zark 326 followers
Bio News about movies currently in production, with a focus on sci-fi, superhero, and horror movies.
Web http://NewMovieBuzz.c...
Other lists:  behind-the-scenes, film, horror, marvel, movie-news, movies, superhero, trailers, upcoming
JapaneseGhost Japanese Ghost 165 followers
Bio A Tribute to 8-bit Nerds! #Nerd #Images
Web http://japaneseghost....
Other lists:  fantasy, geeks, nerds, star-trek, star-wars, video-games
DearEinstein Dear Einstein, 128 followers
Bio Ever had something to say to a movie character, a superhero or a cartoon character? We did, so we created DEAR EINSTEIN t-shirts. Click the link below to see.
Location Brighton, UK
Web http://deareinstein.s...
Other lists:  cartoons, comedy, films, horror, movies, tshirts, twitter
BreakHorror Break Horror 99 followers
Bio BreakHorror is the best place to view the latest & greatest horror videos. From the latest Hwood bbuster to the buzzing indie, we're your #1 source for horror.
Web http://horror.break.c...
Other lists:  ghosts, gore, horror, movies, slasher, thriller, vampires, videos, zombies
SteampunkKindle Steampunk Kindle 83 followers
Bio Get Steampunk eBooks & accessories for your Kindle: vintage, brass, clockwork, gears, antique, throwback, neo-victorian SciFi to retrofuturefit your day.
Location USA
Web http://SteampunkKindl...
Other lists:  amazon, ebooks, kindle, kindle3, kindle4, sciencefiction, scifi, steam, steampunk
cookingblogger Mandy Higgins 80 followers
Bio Great recipes, fitness DVDs and movies -- these are the things I write about on blogs and online magazines.
Location Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada
Web http://recipes-that-w...
Other lists:  classicmovies, cooking, exercise, fitness, foodblogger, foodie, movies, recipes, workout
JMPrescott JM Prescott 63 followers
Bio She writes stories. She likes lizards. And she suspects 'reality' of being Sci-Fi.
Location anywhere but Ontario
Other lists:  bloggers, canada, writer, writers
arfonjones Arfon Jones 48 followers
Bio Artist/Illustrator
Location UK
Web http://arfonjones.blo...
Other lists:  art, ducks, entertainment, horror, illustration, science
Technog33k Technog33k 38 followers
Bio Scottsman on a journey
Location Hanover Heights, Pennsylvania
Web http://www.normanomic...
Other lists:  apple, backpacking, bloggers, books, camping, geek, iphone, technology, twitter
davidwriting David Blackstone 21 followers
Bio Writer, musician, babysitter.
Location Gaithersburg, Maryland
Web http://www.agincourtd...
Other lists:  drabble, fantasy, fiction, flashfiction, microfiction, sf, story, writing, zombie
jaynemccormack Jayne McCormack 16 followers
Location Nottingham

Other lists:  blogger, cinema, nottingham, sellaband, squidoo, theatre, uk

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