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Sci-fitwitters Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "sci-fitwitters".

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rikerpkr Scott Sidwell ✔ 20,145 followers
Bio ✔ auto follow and unfollow on.water is tasty and beef jerky 2.sing to me and I'll listen
Location Enterprise or Kentucky
Other lists:  automotive, family, ScifiNutter, startrek
AmyVernon Amy Vernon 18,018 followers
Bio Freelance writer, editor, social media maven-in-progress. Find me as AmyVernon almost everywhere. Bacon queen.
Location New Jersey
Other lists:  writer, socialmedia
NealJansons Neal Jansons 2,444 followers
Bio Official account of author and poet Neal Jansons, also known as thePuck.
Location Martinez, CA 94553
Web http://www.nealjanson...
Other lists:  author, fantasygeeks, horror, novelist, philosophy, poet, poetry, poets, writers
TheVise Vise 2,182 followers
Bio Opinionated, libertarian, political commentator. I am very obscene.
Location Hayward, CA
Web http://visetheexile.b...
Other lists:  sxe_edgers, republican, metal
keikomushi D L Owens 2,079 followers
Bio Reader, Writer, New Media Buff, Anime Fangirl, Gnome Hunter, Last Action Femme Fatale, Appreciator of Nature, Jack-of-all-trades, Not a Satanist
Location Wide Bay, Australia
Web http://keikomushi.wor...
ViaGrande ViaGrande 2,002 followers
Bio Travel news (Europe, Russia, America)
Location Moscow
Web http://www.viagrande....
Other lists:  networkmarketing, newmedia, news, publishing, relationships, women, writer, writers, writing
oneoveralpha Stephen L. Thompson 1,390 followers
Bio I'm a writer. Mostly short and mostly SF, but I dabble in other lengths and genres.
Location King of Prussia, PA
Web http://www.oneoveralp...
Other lists:  evolution, atheists, writers, twitterfiction, freespeech, firefly, astronomy, twitternovels, writing
tuuli1 Tuuli 637 followers
Bio #geek #woman #trans #pansexual #finnish #asperger #scifi #computers #linux #programming
Location Toholampi, Finland
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  stargate, gayandlesbiantweeps, autism-asperger
rockchick21 Amelia Garner 504 followers
Location United Kingdom

Other lists:  vintage, dogs, twilighters, handmade, art, fashion
SoloWytch SoloWytch 458 followers
Bio I'm a nurse and a student and a Wiccan and a writer and a cross stitcher, not in any particular order.
Location Kittanning PA
Other lists:  tarot, tarotwitter, writing, fantasygeeks
isbbq Anthony Hunter 405 followers
Bio KCBS Certified BBQ Judge/Competitor and All Around Food Lover - Web/BizTalk/Cocoa Developer - Christian American Citizen
Location Lawrence, IN
Other lists:  bbq, biztalk
RoderickStoker Roderick Stoker 325 followers
Bio Dallas publicist who works on studio films. I heart Prince, love movies, tv sitcom or reality and music. Taste in film is: Sci-Fi, Comedy & Drama!
Location Dallas, TX

Other lists:  newmedia, dallas
rebelsofmars Tom Novak 310 followers
Bio Microblogging Retro Sci Fi and Fantastic Adventures in the Burroughs' Tradition
Location Barsoom (and Cumming, GA)
Web http://rebelsofmars.b...
Other lists:  fantasygeeks, dragoncon
willspot Will 218 followers
Bio On Twitter since January 2007 wasting more time without online marketing experience.
Location Winter Park, FL, USA
Other lists:  datavisualization
nadinesaupeart Nadine Saupe 200 followers
Bio geek freak academic lunatic, who dreams of space travel on broom sticks, while plotting revolutions in Science, dabbles in art and life
Location York, UK
Web http://nadinesaupeart...
Other lists:  york, art
closeoutzone Johnson Smith 154 followers
Location Florida
Web http://www.closeoutzo...
RPGgddss Jondi Schmitt-Soper 129 followers
Bio Geeky gamer roller derby girl
Location Evansville, IN
Web http://www.rpggddss.w...
Other lists:  bloggers, fantasygeeks, rollerderby, scrapbooking, twibeheroes
borroff @stephennorthcutt 122 followers
Bio Running (a minor part of) the computing infrastructure for a major university in the Boston, MA area, and trying to keep the bad guys at bay.
Location Cambridge, MA, USA
Web http://www.dce.harvar...
Other lists:  securitytwits, scala, businessintelligence, powershell
OlderMusicGeek D OlderMusicGeek 100 followers
Bio divorced parent of a school age child; midwesterner American; loves all kinds of music especially alternative, punk, 70s, 80s; also love movies, books, comics
Location midwestern United States
Web http://oldermusicgeek...
Other lists:  ex-catholics, alternativemusic, fathers, starwars, cultfilms, neuroscience, reddwarfers, nasa, microbiology
massimin Esther Massimini 91 followers
Bio Girl-Engineer, mom, wife, baseball fanatic, Phile and Trekker. Idealist. Prius owner (2001, 2008)
Location Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Sol III

Other lists:  nasa


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