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Scifi Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "scifi".

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bobbyllew Robert Llewellyn 34,182 followers (1 on this list)
Bio conflicted wet liberal, amateur nerd, and every 11 years Kryten in Red Dwarf
Location London
Web http://www.llewtube.c...
Other lists:  comedy, liberal, tv
Derek_Haines Derek Haines, Author 19,788 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Author, storyteller, Aussie and Swiss. 'He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher... or, as his wife would have it, an idiot.' Douglas Adams.
Location Switzerland
Web http://dereksvandalbl...
Other lists:  amreading, amwriting, author, books, fiction, literature, writer, writers, writing
Syfy Craig Engler 16,436 followers (6 on this list)
Bio Craig Engler, the SVP & GM of Digital. I talk about what it’s like to work at the channel, pass along news and answer questions. Sometimes I give stuff away.
Location NY
Other lists:  general-motors, tv
STARBURST_MAG STARBURST Magazine 10,803 followers
Bio The UK's longest running Sci-Fi magazine - First Published 1978 - News & Reviews Constantly updated - New Issue Published online on the 14th of each month!
Location Planet Earth
Web http://www.starburstm...
Other lists:  comics, entertainment, fantasy, films, horror, movies, sciencefiction, television, videogames
TheCrewTV The Crew: Web Series 8,038 followers (9 on this list)
Bio A sci-fi comedy webseries. The Office meets Star Trek
Location California
Other lists:  webtelevision
scifigeeks SciFi Geeks 7,374 followers (6 on this list)
Bio Science Fiction news, reviews, trailers and commentary.
Location Outer Space
Web http://www.ScienceFic...
Other lists:  movies, sciencefiction, tv
Milo_Moon Milo Moon 6,998 followers (2 on this list)
Bio I'm finally released from my manuscript! Now I want to travel the world and meet all my readers. My author is @Derek_Haines (I had to say that!)
Location Underground
Web http://www.milomoon.c...
Other lists:  amwriting, author, books, fiction, literature, novels, reading, writers, writing
star_trek Star Trek Fan 6,985 followers
Bio Hailing frequencies open. Aggregating Star Trek fan news, information, and fun. (for more nfo ask @programwitch)
Location Oklahoma
Web http://star-trek.tumb...
TrekMovie 6,499 followers
Bio Headlines and comments from the editors of, the leading Star Trek news site
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://www.trekmovie....
Other lists:  entertainment
themercurymen The Mercury Men 3,106 followers (2 on this list)
Bio A sci-fi adventure web series.
Web http://www.mercuryser...
Other lists:  geek
comicconlive comicconlive 2,985 followers
Bio Find all the latest news and happenings from San Diego Comic Con 2009 with LIVE Tweets
Location San Diego, CA
kleverson Kleverson Neves 2,923 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I am a brazillian man, 48 years old. I live near Rio de Janeiro, single.
Location Av do Porto, Saracuruna, Duque
Web http://www.kleversonn...
Other lists:  bible, caves, gold, google, internet, microblogging, pulpsmagazines, socialbookmarking, socialnetworking
ebonstorm Thaddeus Howze 2,826 followers
Bio Speculative fiction | epic fantasy author, consultant, polymath, autistic, iconoclast, humanist and creator of worlds.
Location Hayward, CA
Web http://ebonstorm.word...
Other lists:  astronomy, fantasy, horror, politics, science, spaceopera, technology, writing
SamTheTutor Sam Martin 2,763 followers
Bio Ed Tech, Appraisal and Ethics Education
Location Schaumburg, IL, USA
Web http://www.samthetuto...
Other lists:  ed_tech, education, web_2
ChrisTejeda Chris 2,640 followers
Bio I stared into the abyss, and now I follow it on Twitter. Illusory Dilettante and Writer of web science fiction. There is no escape from this apocalypse!
Location Acton, MA
Web http://www.christejed...
Other lists:  businessowner
Podshock Doctor Who: Podshock 2,543 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Gallifreyan Embassy's international Doctor Who podcast + Torchwood & British Science Fiction. Also please follow @LouisTrapani @JamesNaughton & @kendeep
Location Gallifrey
Other lists:  podcast
LexaShmexa Lexa Doig 2,351 followers
Location Vancouver, or LA
Other lists:  actress
fantasysf Fantasy SF News 2,153 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Fantasy and science fiction news from
Web http://www.fantasysfb...
MiniFiction Mini Fiction 2,072 followers (1 on this list)
Bio 140 Character Thriller, Mystery and Sci-fi Stories.
Location Planet Earth
Dragon_Con DragonCon 2,014 followers
Bio This is the official Dragon*Con twitter. We are the largest multi-media, pop culture con focusing on scifi, fantasy, gaming, comics, lit, art, music, and film
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Web http://www.dragoncon....


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