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Socialmedia Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "socialmedia".

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aplusk ashton kutcher 3,893,136 followers (453 on this list)
Bio I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.
Location here
Other lists:  entrepreneur, web
mashable Pete Cashmore 1,668,137 followers (1,000 on this list)
Bio The hottest Twitter news, Twitter tips and Twitter help. Plus, the best social media links around!
Location Scotland / SF
Other lists:  blogging, geeks, new-media, news
MCHammer Hammer 1,602,854 followers (201 on this list)
Location Bay Area, California
Web http://www.dancejam.c...
Other lists:  music, tech
wholefoods Whole Foods Market 1,529,389 followers (376 on this list)
Bio Fresh organic tweets from Whole Foods Market HQ in Austin, TX.
Location Austin, TX
Web http://www.wholefoods...
Other lists:  food, green!, health, marketing
zappos CEO -Tony 1,469,378 followers (595 on this list)
Location Las Vegas
Other lists:  blogging, entrepreneur, shopping, twitter
Veronica Veronica Belmont 1,414,246 followers (243 on this list)
Bio Host of Tekzilla on Revision3 and Qore on PSN. Also, a geek.
Location San Francisco
Web http://www.veronicabe...
Other lists:  geeks, tech, web
someecards someecards 1,405,147 followers (150 on this list)
Bio Welcome to the Twitter feed of acclaimed humor site,! Don’t miss our real-time topical obnoxiousness. You’ll love not unfollowing us!
Location New York, NY
Other lists:  comedy, humor, twitter
WebMarketingJim Web Marketing Jim 1,362,891 followers
Bio Making Web Marketing easy to understand. I promote small businesses, musicians, online marketers. My site is MyCheapJobs. I don't do DM's skype me at JVidmar
Location Las Vegas San Diego
Other lists:  business, marketing, promotion, seo
Ustream Ustream 1,331,974 followers (198 on this list)
Bio Official Tweets about the best live streams, updates and news from Ustream. If you need help, message @ustreamsupport
Location Mountain View, CA
Other lists:  entertainment, media, tech-companies, video
sacca Chris Sacca 1,148,974 followers (228 on this list)
Bio I am a Twitter investor and advisor. But, mostly I am riding my bike across the country:
Location San Francisco and Truckee, CA
Web http://www.whatisleft...
Other lists:  cycling, investing, investors, startups
TechCrunch TechCrunch 1,094,304 followers (814 on this list)
Bio Breaking Technology News And Opinions From TechCrunch
Location Silicon Valley
Web http://www.techcrunch...
Other lists:  news, tech, tech-companies, tech-news
hypnogaja Hypnogaja 977,048 followers (44 on this list)
Bio Alt rock band w/ new album (Truth Decay) on sale now
Location Hollywood, CA
Other lists:  arts, bands, music, rock
ijustine Justine 869,990 followers (282 on this list)
Bio I am the internet! Apple fan, Youtuber, technology lover and avid twitter! Be my friend!
Location Los Angeles, CA
Other lists:  blogger, mac-geeks, tech, tech-companies
CineVegas Roger Erik Tinch 852,903 followers (42 on this list)
Bio Cinephile web-head living in Las Vegas.
Location Las Vegas, NV
Other lists:  entertainment, film, games, movies
garyvee Gary Vaynerchuk 851,065 followers (502 on this list)
Bio Wine guy, host of Wine Library TV. Video blogger and Businessman that loves people and the hustle
Location NYC
Web http://garyvaynerchuk...
Other lists:  beverages, blogging, libraries, marketing
rww Richard MacManus 838,406 followers (462 on this list)
Bio Follow ReadWriteWeb for the latest in web technology and social media trends.
Location World Wide Web
Web http://www.readwritew...
Other lists:  news, social-media, tech, trends
LarryWentz Larry Wentz 555,195 followers (200 on this list)
Bio & 100s of Domains. Internet & Affiliate Marketing, Cryptozoology/Sasquatch Research, Cat Lover, Lake Bum, Pool Player, Happily Un-Employed
Location West Fargo, ND
Web http://MagazineSubscr...
Other lists:  autofollow, autofollowback, business, entrepreneur, followback, marketing, networkmarketing, teamfollowback, twitter
geoff_deweaver Geoff De Weaver 511,111 followers
Bio Geoff De Weaver, Author, Social Business Designer, Digital Pioneer, Dad, I ♡ beaches, ✈ Travel, Australia's No.1 Business + Social Media Aficionado
Location  Sydney, Australia
Web http://geoffdeweaver....
Other lists:  advertising, australia, branding, digital, facebook, klout, linkedin, socialbusiness, teamfollowback
sorayad soraya darabi 483,948 followers (117 on this list)
Bio hello, strangers. i manage partnership and social-media marketing for the new york times (@nytimes). say hi.
Location New York City
Web http://saucy.tumblr.c...
Other lists:  advertising, marketing, news, thenewyorktimes
current SF 476,070 followers (82 on this list)
Bio Tweets from within the walls of HQ in SF
Location san francisco
Other lists:  tv, web


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