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Songwriting Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "songwriting".

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immaculate561 Plat'num 16,022 followers
Bio Performing Artist/Producer/ Songwriter/All Around Humble Guy.....OUTTA THIS WORLD!!! On Radio and iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, and Google #Check it out
Location Palm Beach/The World
Other lists:  entertainment, film, hiphop, media, music, musicfestival, musicproduction, rock, urbanpop
RavenousRaven Songwriting Communty 10,871 followers
Bio The Twitter Songwriting Community: RU a songwriter? Send us ur songwriting tips or ask songwriting Q's &we'll RT. Daily tips & member's #Song4Comment
Location Songwriting HQ
Web http://RavenousRaven....
Other lists:  chords, lyrics, melody
ashlynehuff Ashlyne Huff 10,692 followers
Bio My name is Ashlyne. I sing. I write. I dance. I love. I cry. I laugh. I wish. I dream. I live. I smile.
Location Everywhere!
Web http://www.ashlynehuf...
Other lists:  celebrity, journaling, music, nashville
JakeJackson451 Jake Jackson 7,572 followers
Bio SF/fantasy writer, creator of practical music books, musician/songwriter, artist, father. EP Jakesongs on iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify etc.
Location London, UK
Web http://thesefantastic...
Other lists:  amreading, amwriting, fantastic, fantasy, sciencefiction, speculativefiction, writing
Traininguru John A. Fallone 3,754 followers
Bio Traininguru, marketing strategist, consultant, business development executive, turnaround specialist, motivational speaker, legendary sales manager, copywriter
Location Stamford, CT 06905
Web http://traininguru.wo...
Other lists:  affiliate-marketing, bible, business-development, inspired-quips, marketing, musicman, powertocope, traininguru, turnarounds
spunkymunkeymus Spunky Munkey 2,683 followers
Bio Musician that likes creating
Location Hamilton
Web https://www.recorduni...
Other lists:  bands, bass, blues, guitars, liveperformance, music, pop, recording, socialmedia
vikkiflawith vikkiflawith 1,080 followers (2 on this list)
Bio The Shy Singer-Songwriter: Champion of the Creatively Introverted+Socially Terrified, opera-howling Blogger, Aquarian Cyber-Geek, LOTR lover, FAWMer, 50/90er.
Location Victoria, BC Canada
Web http://theshysinger-s...
Other lists:  singer, shysingers, bloggers, cornerstonecollective, yyj, iloveindiemusic, 50songs90days, startrek
JulieBellamy Julie Bellamy 1,045 followers
Bio Singer / Songwriter / Snow Leopardess
Location Brooklyn, New York
Other lists:  ascap, bmi, brooklyn, canada, minnesota, music, nyc, performing, production
markusrill Markus Rill 417 followers (1 on this list)
Bio writes songs, sings 'em like he means 'em
Location iPhone: 49.785072,9.932842
Web http://www.markusrill...
Other lists:  bobdylan, songwriter
worldlybuzz Sean Adrian 402 followers
Bio Your place to showcase your music videos, and watch other's. Take Action, Get Involved!
Location United States
Web http://www.worldlybuz...
Other lists:  countrymusic, fashion, hip-hop, music, music_industry, musicjunkie, songwriters, worldmusic, wwwswaggablockcom
BarbaraGarvey Barbara Garvey 373 followers
Bio Talent Agent, Mom, Writer
Location Atlanta
Web http://www.coastaltal...
Other lists:  webtelevision, webseries, newmedia, music-bloggers, atlanta
marybethdamico marybethdamico 264 followers (1 on this list)
Bio American singer-songwriter based in Germany
Location Munich, Germany
Web http://www.marybethda...
Other lists:  artist, journalist, music, musician, singer-songwriter
ElytronProd Elytron 185 followers
Bio - Music Production - Hear additional work at:
Location Santa Monica, CA
Web http://elytronproduct...
Other lists:  composer, los-angeles, losangeles, music-producer, musicproducer, producer, sound, vgm
ToriSkene Tori Skene 80 followers (1 on this list)
Bio songstress/over-analyzer
Location ÜT: 33.725221,-117.745216
Other lists:  artist, creativity, marketing, music, socialmedia, song, songwriter, writer, writing
varve Christina Tomazos 50 followers
Bio I now twitter too...
Location Copenhagen
Other lists:  guitar, movies, music, orangefeeling, photographing, piano, www
Coretta_ Coretta 44 followers
Bio @iSovereign's Mom.Social Media info @corettajackson.Social Good Speaker. PhD Student.Natural.Poet.Songstress! God's got my back---
Location digital
Web http://CorettaJackson...
Other lists:  b2b, blogging, gospel, inboundmarketing, pr, socialchange, socialgood, socialmedia, socialmediarelease
falconermusic Peter Falconer 30 followers
Bio Writing a song a week all through 2011 for Parkinson's UK!
Web http://songaweek2011....
Other lists:  charity, hartlepool, musician, tea
crinda54 Corinne Curcio 30 followers
Bio I love bird watching, songwriting and Goddess help me, I'm tweeting!
Location Brooklyn, NY
Web http://home.earthlink...
Other lists:  birdwatching, gaga, guitar, poetry
jinxmontague Jinx Montague 9 followers
Location Leipzig, Germany
Web http://www.reverbnati...
Other lists:  alt-rock, indie, indie-rock, music, musicians, singer-songwriter, singer-songwriters, songwriter, songwriters
orenbj Oren Ben-Joseph 4 followers
Location San Luis Obispo, CA

Other lists:  design, music


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