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Spiritual-consciousness Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "spiritual-consciousness".

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WisdomalaCarte Daniel K. Foisy 13,728 followers
Bio I am cofounder of wisdomalacarte.,here to help you open your eyes and heart to the beauty of your own inner wisdom.
Location Montreal
Web http://wisdomalacarte...
Other lists:  inspiration, metaphysics, new-age, self-help
brightmichelle Michelle Casto 13,484 followers (5 on this list)
Bio A shift of consciousness is happening, I am here to help you make the life changes that will bring you into alignment w/yr SOUL Purpose. I ♥80's, Dancin,doxies
Location Corpus Christi, Tropical TX
Web http://www.brightligh...
Other lists:  self-help, soul-coaching
Rickbischoff Artist / Designer 12,578 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Artist / Designer of Rustic Contemporary Spirit ...on a journey to discover The Human Potential
Location Eco Potential Consciousness
Web http://www.rickbischo...
Other lists:  art, eco, green, law-of-attraction, meditation, self-improvement, spirituality, the-human-potential, wildlife
intanalwi Intan Alwi 11,411 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I like to tweet quotes, songs and online biz opps. My interests are music, art, reading, traveling, shopping, fashion and health/beauty.
Location KL, Malaysia
Web http://earnprofitstod...
DalaiLamaCenter Dalai Lama Center 8,357 followers (1 on this list)
Bio You’re invited! This September, His Holiness The Dalai Lama will host an online peace event called, The Vancouver Peace Summit. Visit
Web http://www.dalailamac...
Other lists:  charity, peace-making, spiritual-beings, spoken-word
rtwyce Russell Twyce 8,158 followers
Bio Author of fiction & writer of non-fiction, world traveler & even visted afterlife for 8 minutes. I'm optimistic for real political change in 2012.
Location Not IN the world, I'm on it.
Web http://russelltwyce.c...
Other lists:  law-enforcement, scuba-diving
TheSecretLOA The Secret Alliance 7,946 followers
Bio The Secret Alliance, social network for Law of Attraction community. Positive, spiritual, motivational
Location Worldwide
Web http://www.thesecreta...
Other lists:  inspiration, metaphysics, new-age, spiritual-beings
RebeccaNoel Rebecca Noel 7,193 followers
Bio My passion is manifestation work and helping people connect back to their Divine Creator Selves.
Web http://www.EcstaticVi...
Other lists:  energy-healing, metaphysics, new-age
Blueprint4Love Chaszey 6,317 followers (2 on this list)
Bio ♥Creator of Blueprint for Love™♥ I’m all about sacred love, passion & authenticity, and blissful relationships, LOA and other laws of the Universe
Location Zuerich, Lugano, San Francisco
Web http://blueprint-for-...
Other lists:  love, simplicity, soul-coaching, spirituality
KiraRosner WhenSoulsTakeFlight 6,150 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Author, Publisher, Insights to Empower, Uplift, Cope with Death, Find Your Voice, Open Hearts.
Location Eternal Grace
Web http://www.KiraRosner...
Other lists:  death, interfaith, paranormal, soul-coaching
ArleneTaveroff Arlene Taveroff 5,545 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I use spectacular photos and inspiring words to connect you with your inner wisdom. Experience it for yourself at
Location Canada
Web http://wisdomalacarte...
Other lists:  quantum-wellness, quotes, spirituality
getpdnow Frances Alexander 5,544 followers
Bio Getting paid now is easy. Keeping it is sometimes difficult. Finding the right mentors and associates will help you to do just that.
naturalvites Elle 5,526 followers
Bio Promoting Health and Wellness Holistically
Location Palm Springs Florida
Web http://www.natural-vi...
Other lists:  herbalism, networker
mbononet Stephen Marcus 5,066 followers (1 on this list)
Bio SoulSpace for Dreams, Intention and New Creation - One Billion People for Higher Consciouness
Location San Francisco / Berlin
Other lists:  acim
Awake2000 Awake2000 4,707 followers
Bio Effectively helping people change their lives through the power of Positve Thought.
Location Austin, TX
Web http://www.Awake2000....
Mama_Red MamaRed (Jerilynne) 4,345 followers
Bio Helping others create Kick-Butt-and-Take-Names Lives!, Coach, Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Encourager, Wife, Mom, Friend
Location Chicago, Illinois
Web http://www.mamaredspe...
totallyalive1 Casey Terry 5 followers
Bio Casey & the Totally Alive team offer awareness, guidance & healing with the intention of creating love, consciousness and connection with your true Self
Location Perth, Western Australia
Web http://www.totallyali...
Other lists:  awareness, compassion, consciousness, harmony, love, peace, poetry, soul, spirituality
portableiyabode Shelly Iyabode 2 followers
Bio Present. Magazine production manager. Creative. Music lover. Spiritualist. Writer. Human rights activist. Doodler. Tai Chi practitioner.
Location Here
Web http://iyabode.wordpr...
Other lists:  publishing, spiritualblogs, spirituality

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