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Startrek Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "startrek".

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rikerpkr Scott Sidwell ✔ 20,145 followers
Bio ✔ auto follow and unfollow on.water is tasty and beef jerky 2.sing to me and I'll listen
Location Enterprise or Kentucky
Other lists:  automotive, family, ScifiNutter, sci-fitwitters
rocketkraft Scott Young 11,686 followers
Bio High power rocketry, gymnastics, letterpress printing and other fun stuff :-))
Location Waseca, Minnesota
Web http://www.rocketkraf...
Other lists:  invitations, marriage, party-invitations, party-supplies, printing, firefly, letterpress, bonanzletweets, bookarts
rockonbyaudi Audi Lee 3,451 followers
Bio I Create Life-Size (Really BIG) OoaK Dolls, VERY STRANGE Jewelry & I have the Peter Pan Syndrome :D I sell @ Bonanza, eBay, Etsy, Zazzle & Multiply
Location Lodi, CA
Web http://audilee.multip...
Other lists:  gothartists, ebay_sellers, handmade, alternativemedicine
The_BORG  The_BORG  1,347 followers
Bio Twitter badboy, tattoos, tattooed people, Rock 'n Roll, sushi, dogs, blogging, Twitter, zombie movies, moblogging, technology, pinup girls, Macs and my iPhone!
Location Delaware
Other lists:  zombies, duranduran, delaware, iphone, iphonehacks, stargate
vikkiflawith vikkiflawith 1,080 followers (1 on this list)
Bio The Shy Singer-Songwriter: Champion of the Creatively Introverted+Socially Terrified, opera-howling Blogger, Aquarian Cyber-Geek, LOTR lover, FAWMer, 50/90er.
Location Victoria, BC Canada
Web http://theshysinger-s...
Other lists:  singer, shysingers, bloggers, songwriting, cornerstonecollective, yyj, iloveindiemusic, 50songs90days
Gundampilotspaz Scott Spaziani 657 followers
Bio Anime blogger, aspiring writer, Technology and Video game enthusiast, and English Major
Location iPhone: 41.238541,-73.035767
Web http://Otakuinreview....
Other lists:  anime, animeblog, animebloggers, finalfantasy, japan, literature, videogames
ryeisenberg Rebecca Eisenberg 567 followers
Bio Proud @Phroth alum. Friend of @BuzzFeed. I like weird news, television, and making people laugh. I write things for @ISpyAFamousFace.
Location New York, NY
Web http://www.ryeisenber...
Other lists:  comedy, lgbtq, newmedia
sdsb110 Steve B 333 followers
Bio Adventurer / Sound & Lighting Intern
Location Massachusetts

Other lists:  travel, nonprofits, marketing, newmedia, tcmaker, lost, iowa, entrepreneur, philanthropy
leighj Leigh J 282 followers
Bio Father, Husband, Code Monkey, Perv, anything else? Oh yeah, oh nope sorry that's about it.
Location Weatherly, PA
Web http://www.thehelpcen...
Other lists:  bdsm, star_wars_trivia, bbwadmirers, autism-asperger, php, the_o35s, polyamory, doctor_who_related, tolkien
Starfleetmom Starfleetmom 235 followers
Bio I'm a crazy mom, sci fi nut, birdwatcher and I actually married an alien! Really!
Location Escondido, CA
JamesGLomax JamesGLomax 234 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I am a geek who loves writing, comics, sci-fi, costuming, and conventions!
Location Pasadena, CA

Other lists:  comics, dragoncon, webcomic, writer
OlderMusicGeekE Diane OlderMusicGeek 77 followers
Bio divorced parent; midwesterner American; loves all kinds of music especially alternative, punk, 70s, 80s; also love movies, books, comics; mtf transsexual
Location midwestern United States
Web http://oldermusicgeek...
Other lists:  starwars, horrorfans
_01101001_ Michelle N. 77 followers
Location 40.785797, -74.050644

Other lists:  weather_news, nasa
nervalaIII orenws 76 followers
Bio A mind curious
Location iPhone: 38.961452,-76.715057
Web http://h
sherif_hashim sherif hashim 49 followers

Other lists:  iphonehacks
aks_sba Alan Stebbens 48 followers
Location Santa Barbara, CA

Other lists:  jlang, santabarbara
MissSaraAnn Sara Blake 32 followers
Bio I'm a nerd covered in tattoos who is coming to terms with turning 30 this summer. I live for Vegas, Star Trek, and Books on ancient history.
Location B.C
LtCmdrData38 Trish Gersch 24 followers
Bio I am a proud trekky and I absolutely love Brent Spiner. He is my idol, hero and someone I intend to meet someday.I also love Lieutenant Commander Data.I relate.
Location Omicron Theta

Other lists:  actors, brentspiner, fan, movies, scifi, trekkies
TamedBabydoll Babydoll 17 followers
Bio Happily married for 13 years, sahm to twin 4 year old boys,Jesus Freak,Christian,NASCAR,Kyle Busch,Star Trek,music and keeping up with the news.
Location Newport RI
Other lists:  beardeddragon, christian, family, jesusfreak, momoftwins, nascar, reading, wife
SoullessMinion JKW 3 followers
Bio Now inactive. Nothing to see. Move along.

Other lists:  museums, writers, astronomy, writers-editors, whedonverse, historians, highered, buffy


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