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Stepdad Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "stepdad".

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greggrunberg Greg Grunberg 1,218,292 followers
Bio 4th Year Mind Reader, Pilot Oceanic Flt. 815, Co-creator Yowza!! & Smoothaise, Fun loving ex-CIA Agent, DILF, Kirk's Evil StepDad
Location Check Yowza!! to find me!!
Web http://greggrunberg.c...
Other lists:  bandfromtv, celebrity, pilots, reading
OneLifeNoFear David 【ツ】 8,022 followers
Bio Devoted husband and proud step-dad. Self improvement and personal development coach to entrepreneurs.
Location Geneva
Web http://www.OneLifeNoF...
AffirmationSpot Ray Davis 7,027 followers
Bio Human Being, Founder, Husband, step-dad, writer, speaker, thinker. Creator of audio and written motivation tools.
Location Kansas
Web http://www.theaffirma...
Other lists:  motivation
PCatalano Peter 5,418 followers
Bio Husband, Dad, Step Dad, Visionary, Water Skier, Golfer, Listener, Lover of Dogs - and a successful businessman.
Location Austin Texas
Web http://petercatalano....
Other lists:  alternative-parenting, business-continuity, business-ethics, clairvoyance
paladin3 Jim Bradley 2,400 followers
Bio Married to the Love of My Life.Stepdad:two awesomes.Texan.Catholic.IT Guy.Lawyer.MBA Student.Apple Macintosh.Diet Coke.Yankees.Danes,Goldens,Bassets and a cat.
Location Houston
Web http://www.paladin.or...
Other lists:  soft-drinks
MichaelJRead Michael Read 1,351 followers
Bio Let see... I'm a husband, step dad, pro wrestler, auto worker, online marketer and business man all wrapped into one lol!
Location Frankfort, KY
Web http://www.ReadUnlimi...
Surely_you_can William LInton 1,340 followers
Bio Career Air Force officer, aerospace systems engineer, step-father to 8 children and adopted father to 3 more.
Location Huntington Beach, CA
Web http://wlinton.cbpira...
hottestitem Lee mack 1,323 followers
Bio Thanks for following! Online professional gambler!!
Location Kootenays B.C.
Web http://[ unsafe link ...
Other lists:  bmx-biking
WesFarno WesFarno 753 followers
Bio Grassroots Advocacy Strategist, Campaign Consultant / Husband, Step-Father / Sports Enthusiast /
Location Minster, OH / Washington, DC
Web http://www.csgrassroo...
alicatakaalisha Alisha Collins 692 followers
Bio I am a 27 years old will be 28 on August 30.. I live with my Mom & Stepdad and My Grandma Barbie.. My Grandma passed a way in April of 2007.
Location Carlisle, OH
Web http://www.freewebs.c...
divydovy divydovy 665 followers
Bio Tree-hugging, technology-loving, director at, music lover, husband, step dad, amateur photographer and tennis player.
Location Brighton, UK
Web http://www.divydovy.c...
tastyvocals Rich McPherson 580 followers
Bio Music Guru, Creative Writer, Goofball, Step-dad, Loving Husband, Entrepreneur, Good Cook, Pop Culture Aficionado, Golf Hack, Patriots Fan!
Location Oregon, USA
Web http://thatrichguy-bl...
ozonepan O. Panzone 524 followers
Bio Main interests include the internet & online opportunities , environmental issues and committing myself to living a healthy lifestyle.
Location colorado
Other lists:  scientology, self-sufficiency
webRat Todd Rafferty 498 followers
Bio Volunteer Railo Community Manager, Seasoned CF Dev (Adobe / Railo), jQuery Lover, Dedicated Gamer, Noob Step Father and general tech·no·phile
Location Pittsburgh, Pa
LucidContent Richard Pelletier 491 followers
Bio Writer of web content, white papers, e-books, trade mag features. Budding SEO specialist. Social media devotee. Lover of jazz. Husband, step-dad, foodie.
Location Portland, Oregon
Web http://lucidcontent.c...
Mrs_Hannigan Phoebe Buffay 463 followers
Bio My Mom killed herself, my stepdad went to prison. Freelance massage therapist.

Other lists:  runner, runningfanatics

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