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Surrealism Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "surrealism".

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Lyons_art Jeff Lyons 532 followers
Bio Visual artist, oil painter. Women portraits, silly surreal abstract art. Interested in cosmology, natural reality, philosophy, freethinkers.
Location Calgary, Canada
Other lists:  abstract, acrylic, art, artist, canada, oil, painter, paintings, portrait
OsirisOrion OsirisOrion 405 followers
Bio artist / toy customizer
Web http://www.osirisorio...
Other lists:  art, artist, customtoys, designervinyl, kaiju, lowbrow, monsters, painter, sculptor
Galeria_Surreal Tanja Udelhofen 353 followers
Bio Surrealist artist with a passion for the darker side and things which aren't visible at first sight.
Location Rotterdam
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  art, contemporaryart, darkart, surrealistart
hello_jaime Jaime Stuller 99 followers
Bio lover of music, fashion, art, literature, cats, ect. obsessive collector of things cute and/or hello kitty. occasionally morbid. often surreal.
Location Richmond, VA
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  art, haiku, hellokitty, horrormovies, lastfm, wii
maskwoman Peggy Bjerkan 52 followers
Bio I am a ceramic sculptor: masks and figurative work
Location St. Helena, California
Web http://the-maskwoman....
Other lists:  art, ceramics, etsy, galleries, masks, mythology, poetry, raku, sculpture
SighFive Sigh Five 27 followers
Bio is like if Charlie Sheen and the Dalai Lama made a comic, and two artists from Melbourne read it and didn’t like it and decided to make their own.
Location Melbourne, Australia
Web http://www.sighfive.c...
Other lists:  art, comedy, comics, farts, humour, illustration, sex, stupidity, webcomic

Other lists:  painters, art, artists

Other lists:  bahai

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