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Tourette-syndrome Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "tourette-syndrome".

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NikkiBurdine NikkiBurdine 1,919 followers
Bio Weekend anchor & reporter for WLEX. Southerner, lover of news, politics, SEC football (Go Vols!), helping animals, volunteering & Jack Daniels. Blessed.
Location Lexington, KY
Web http://nikkiburdine.c...
Other lists:  anchor, animals, journalism, journalist, media, news, reporter, southern, tennessee
ArtByChrysti Chrysti 1,442 followers
Bio Artist, Writer, Photographer, Crafter, Animal Lover, w/ Bipolar & Tourettes
Location Raleigh, NC
Web http://chrysti.wordpr...
Other lists:  art, artist, photographer, writer
Bio Raising Global Public Awareness and Educating on Tourette Syndrome. Tourette Syndrome graces individuals with amazing gifts and talents to celebrate.
Location Global
Other lists:  advocates-for-tourette-syndrome, awareness, humanitarian, tic-disorders, tourette, tourette-awareness, tourette-syndrome-association, tourettes
angieromasanta Angie Romasanta 882 followers
Bio I'm stubborn & unreasonable. I talk to myself. I have a mild case of tourettes. I'm a mess. Fuck what you heard and save the drama...
Location ATL SHAWTY!
Web http://blog.myspace.c...
LisaAnnSings Lisa Ann Hammond 671 followers
Bio Christian Gospel Singer with Tourette Syndrome; Southern Baptist; Right to Life;
Location SC
Web http://www.lisaannham...
soc378 Sean 522 followers
Bio Hi! I am Sean. I have Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, & a mood disorder. I network online to raise disability awareness & I vlog on YouTube based on my experience
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://disabilityawar...
Other lists:  bloggers
petullant Miss Laura 408 followers
Bio bookish doris day with tourettes
Location western carolina
Web http://www.specsappea...
mylesrwalker Myles R. Walker 352 followers
Bio African American Man Who Has Tourette Syndrome Writes A Book - Me And My Tourette's: Motivated By GOD
Location Knoxville, Tennessee
Web http://tourettesyndro...
Other lists:  actors-actresses-with-disabilities, actors-actresses-with-tourette-syndrome, advocates-for-tourette-syndrome, tourette-syndrome-association
DaveHickman DaveHickman 324 followers
Bio Loved of God, Husband, Father to Ryan and Cole, Executive Director of CharlotteONE, I stutter and have a mild case of tourettes. Seriously?!?
Location Charlotte, North Carolina
Web http://www.charlotteo...
Other lists:  stuttering
kendoo Kendoo 319 followers
Bio Tourettes Jock with orange hoodie (translation = foul mouth Scot with orange hooded top) Yahoo IM : thekendoo
Location Glasgow (ish)
MsPants Tara Etherington 271 followers
Bio Graphic and User Experience designer @, illustrator, rock climber and surfer. Tourette syndrome with capital letters.
Location Brighton - UK (born -CT/ZA)
BeautifulWreck1 StephanieSchroeder 253 followers
Bio Beautiful Wreck: Sex, Lies and Suicide, my memoir abt my misadventures in NYC as a Midwestern lesbian w/ undiagnosed Tourette Syndrome and bipolar disease
Location Brooklyn, NY
Web http://www.beautifulw...
mrgammon mrgammon 181 followers
Bio a flickr lover, a camera whore, a comedy tourettes sufferer, a lovable knob...IMHO
Location Coventry, but heart in Yorkshi
Lilarbo Lil Arbogast 75 followers
Bio I am the President of an Apparel company, Chairperson for the Tourette Syndrome Association NYC and a Gold Director in the Trump Network.
Location New York City

Other lists:  tourette-syndrome-association
leiacs L Collingwood-Smith 73 followers
Bio Interactive Producer with awesome abilities and a healthy case of tourettes.
Location Sydney
OmahaTweet Stephen Mehling 59 followers
Bio Help Glenn Beck w/ his Tourettes; (TS) ..Patients may utter strange and unacceptable phrases w/ TS. It is not uncommon for a person with TS to shout. Help!
Location Omaha, NE
Web http://bleacherbabble...
guppylovesshark Jenny Stark 56 followers
Bio A passionately crafty mom with 4 kids who is trying to stay sane while facing OCD, ADHD, ODD, GAD, Apraxia & Tourettes :)
Location Utah
Web http://guppylovesshar...
Vstrafaci Vanessa Strafaci 47 followers
Bio When I grocery shop I sing the commercials of the products I'm picking up. Its like tourettes I cant help it.
Location Brooklyn, NY
fatred Jonny 46 followers
Bio MD, Businessinform Ltd - Online Reporting and Analysis service for Small Business
Location New Barnet, England
Web http://www.businessin...
DesertWellness Erin Bridger 42 followers
Bio Mom who advocates for Tourette Syndrome, Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD and Asperger's
Location Rio Rancho, NM
Web http://www.desertwell...
Other lists:  advocates-for-tourette-syndrome


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