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Transit Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "transit".

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YuriArtibise Yuri Artibise 3,198 followers
Bio I'm a policy analyst, blogger, urbanist & community manager who is re-discovering what #YVR has to offer. I'm looking for work in public policy or social media.
Location Vancouver, BC
Web http://yuriartibise.c...
Other lists:  cities, community, cplan, gov20, smallbusiness, socialmedia, urbanism, vancouver, yvr
PortlandAfoot Michael Andersen 414 followers (1 on this list)
Bio A new 10-minute newsmagazine about low-car life in PDX. Just $10 a year with coupon code 'twitter' at
Location Portland, Oregon
Web http://PortlandAfoot....
eileencan Eileen B 285 followers
Bio If you're ever feeling blue, then write another song about your dream of horses.
Location Washington, DC
seattlebuschick Carla Saulter 247 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Left-handed, biracial writer/rider from the 206. Car-free since '03. Wife of a bus nerd from the Motor City and mother of two beautiful, bus-ridin' babies.
Location Seattle, Washington, USA
Web http://blog.seattlepi...
jtinks jason tinkey 217 followers
Bio urbandesign, cartography, transit, cycling, sustainability, socialjustice, publicdomain, soul45s, futbol, localism, regionalism, internationalism, contrarianism
Location logan square, chicago, earth
Web http://theplannersdre...
Other lists:  chicago, urbanplanning
jamesdsharp James D. Sharp 110 followers
Bio telecom and IT professional interested in telephony, voip, Skype and toronto transit improvements
Location Downsview, Toronto, ON, Canada
Web http://www.facebook.c...
ApolloVideo Apollo Video Tech. 98 followers
Bio Transit and public safety advocates. We manufacturer the RoadRunner Video Surveillance System for recording in (and around) buses, trains, police cars and more.
Location Seattle Area, Washington
JaimeVogt Jaime Vogt 90 followers
Bio Online and Social Marketing promoter. I blog for a public nonprofit. Tweets here are just me and me alone.
Location Seattle/Tacoma

Other lists:  gov20, marketing, seattle, socialmedia, tacoma
DattnerArch DattnerArchitects 67 followers
Bio A NYC firm known for design excellence & civic engagement for significant public & private projects
Location New York City
Other lists:  aia, architecture, design, education, housing, infrastructure, nyc, recreation, sustainability
NRCtrans NRC Transportation 15 followers
Bio The National Resource Center for Human Service Transportation Coordination, a project of the Community Transportation Association of America
Web http://www.NRCtranspo...

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