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Ui Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "ui".

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ofsully Sully Taylor 2,562 followers
Bio Creator of experiences & interfaces.
Location Santa Cruz, CA
Other lists:  design, developer, entrepreneur, ux
Elinesca Elinesca O 1,748 followers
Bio Made by Many's Service Designer & overall digital lady bug
Location London
Web http://www.madebymany...
Other lists:  design, fashion, ia, narrative, pets, photographer, social, storytelling, usabillity
robert_bailey Robert Bailey 1,510 followers
Bio Spent four years at Google leading Picasa design, now co-founder @GAINfitness Focus: UX Design, Fitness, Entrepreneurship, and Food.
Location San Francisco
Other lists:  design, fitness, google, picasa, ux
GrfxGuru Peter Witham 649 followers
Bio Internet solutions developer, and Shutterbug

Other lists:  flex, photography, twittographers, napptweeps
claytoncorreia Clayton Correia 306 followers
Bio UI, UX Designer and Web Strategist. Entrepreneur, Blogger, Podcast Connoisseur, Film Buff, Gamer, Earl Grey Tea Nut. See my work at:
Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
Web http://claytoncorreia...
Other lists:  css, design, interfacedesign, photoshop, userexperience, userinterface, ux, webdesign, wordpress
brampata Brett Rampata 244 followers
Bio Experience Design for Next Generation Digital Products and Interfaces
Location San Francisco, CA, USA
Other lists:  design, designer, experience, interaction, products, prototype, services, xd
cyantifik Vicky Heinlein 227 followers
Bio Creative Director, Digital | SourceMedia
Location NYC
Other lists:  art, creative, design, digital, media, online, technology, typography, ux
rochellefp Rochelle Pennington 208 followers
Bio Front-end developer and web designer
Location Fairfax, VA, USA
Other lists:  css, ganalytics, html, jquery, socialmedia, ux, webdesign, webdev, wordpress
somadigital Jason Fain 82 followers
Bio Committed to effective and usable design. 14 years of design experience including big name clients; and
Location London
Web http://www.jasonfain....
Other lists:  design, digitaldesign, experiencedesign, product, productdesign, security, userinterface, ux, webtype
stevenliu818 Steven Liu 47 followers
Bio I am the Chief Designer at Areteworks, a California product design and development company. We design innovative user interface solutions for global brands.
Location Los Angeles
Web http://www.areteworks...
Other lists:  automotive, cellphones, consumerproducts, desktopapplications, it_executives, medical, medicalproduct, professional, usability
my_booring_life Stephen Hart 29 followers
Web http://steve.metrodom...
gstavrides George Stavrides 27 followers
Location Athens

Other lists:  experience, gui, interaction, ixd
ImSoOCD I’m So OCD… 10 followers
Bio A blog about UI perfection. And anything else I think up.
Location DC Metro Area
Other lists:  blog, design, gui, id, ixd, organization, perfection, thoughts, ux
GoCreativeNest Creative Nest 3 followers
Bio A new digital Agency
Location On the Internet
Web http://www.GoCreative...
Other lists:  agency, branding, creative, design, development, logos, ux, webdesign, webdevelopment

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